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The 7Cs of Home Delivery – Building Confidence to Better Serve Your Brand and Consumers

The 7Cs of Home Delivery – Building Confidence to Better Serve Your Brand and Consumers


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The 7Cs of Home Delivery – Building Confidence to Better Serve Your Brand and Consumers

19 Oct 2021

Jim Endres
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When it comes to home delivery operations, confidence is everything.

As distributors, you can be certain that the delivery will be on-time and correct. But you must take that one step further. Because it’s about building that trust and confidence in the consumer so that they know you’re going to deliver what you promised, when you promised it.

A lot of consumer confidence is built with great communication (which we already covered in this earlier 7Cs blog). It’s all about reiterating what you’ve told them. Not only are you showing your brand is trustworthy, but you’re also creating a reliable service every single time.

So, when a customer buys something from you, they don’t just have the confidence in your product but also in your ability to deliver on your service promises too. And in today’s competitive marketplace, that can be the difference between a one-time purchase and a loyal customer advocate.

Service You Can Trust and Delivery Guaranteed

Recent global events have certainly put a spanner in the works for many delivery operations when it comes to providing a reliable, on-time service and instilling consumer confidence in brands.

And, with online and mobile ordering becoming far more commonplace than ever before, the number of orders being received and therefore, deliveries that need to be fulfilled, has greatly increased.

But you know well that you can’t take your customers for granted. “The global challenges” is not a reason they’ll accept when they can’t get the delivery slot they want, or their order arrives late, or not at all.

The more consumers engage in online shopping, the greater their demands become. And this poses great challenges to any operation vying for their attention, in a bid to gain competitive advantage.

If brand A, for example, offers better delivery slots and repeatedly proves their reliability as a service provider over and above you, it’s a no-brainer who the customer will choose. A positive delivery experience leads to 61% of consumers buying again from the same retailer. Why? Because they have confidence in their brand and their service.

Empowering Your Consumers to Drive Your Business Forward with Home Delivery

Consumers want to feel empowered to choose their own delivery times and manage the process themselves. It builds an assurance in your brand that’s then enhanced when the items arrive on-time, in full and as promised. It’s further cemented when the entire delivery experience is easy and frictionless.

But it’s not only consumers who gain confidence in your brand. As fleet operators, you do too. How?

The answer: advanced home delivery software.

To gain consumers’ confidence and to help build your own, you must have an efficient and reliable home delivery platform in place. One that’s ready to meet the demands placed on you by your customers and the wider supply chain. And one that will help you deliver a truly excellent experience every time—differentiating you from the crowd.

With access to a robust, advanced routing engine, you have the capabilities of planning routes and scheduling deliveries with a level of precision and confidence not possible in a manual or outdated planning environment.

This advanced technology platform means that you can confidently promote better delivery options—over and above that of your competitors. This ultimately differentiates your brand and improves conversion at online checkout. What’s more, your customers get what they want and don’t have to seek other options elsewhere. It’s a win-win situation.

An automated home delivery platform requires integration of processes and systems across all your different business functions for better end-to-end management of booking and the overall delivery experience. Not only does this enable a synchronized approach across all your entire supply chain—it also enhances that level of confidence in your operation.

Your consumers are the heart of your delivery operation. So why not choose technology solutions that can ensure their loyalty and confidence in you both now and in the future.

The Final Mile

We can’t fix the global challenges that the transportation industry is currently facing. But what we can do is ensure your home delivery operations remain as efficient, punctual and as simple as possible. No matter what the industry throws at you next, you can enhance and cement the confidence your consumers have in you and reap all the rewards that come with that. That journey starts with our home delivery software, Aptean Home Delivery. Are you ready? Find out how, now.

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