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Aptean CRM - Lead Management

23 Jan 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Develop Quality Business Leads
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Gaining and cultivating leads is important because leads can transform into sales and a consistent, loyal customer base – things that a business needs in order to thrive. Gaining leads can be simple, but sifting through those leads to find customers who align with your business and will actually purchase from you can be challenging to achieve.

In order to get those leads to purchase, you have to begin the process of lead management. Lead management is the process of capturing, tracking and nurturing leads as they move through your sales pipeline and ultimately are passed along to the sales representatives and converted into a sale. The process of converting a lead to a buyer depends on effective communication, follow-up and nurturing. Aptean CRM ensures everything you need to identify promising leads and track them through to closure.

  • Scout and Capture. Successful sales lead management begins with searching for and capturing quality business leads to push down your business’s sales pipeline.

  • Score and Nurture. Create a point system determining the usefulness of your leads. Nurture high scoring leads with personalized content and communication.

  • Close and Purchase. Move quality leads down the sales pipeline ensuring that they are well versed in your business and its products, leading to a sale.

Aptean CRM Lead Management – Main Features

Lead Capturing

The first step when working to capture leads is acquiring them through various forms of marketing campaigns including lead forms, advertisements, social media posts and emails, which can be automated and delivered using Aptean CRM’s Marketing Automation functionality.

With Aptean CRM, users can operate the email marketing feature, which allows you to design and send emails to a large number of leads, beginning the communication process. Aptean CRM users can also track where their leads come from, whether it is through their social channels, email click-throughs or website visitors. Determining where your potential leads come from helps you determine whether this lead is strong enough to push down the sales pipeline.

The Aptean CRM Google Maps Integration (CRM Mapping) helps businesses and sales reps with lead capturing. With Google Maps, CRM users can search maps for contacts, companies and potential lead opportunities. CRM mapping helps users analyze win/loss rates as well as visualize where customer opportunities come from. This integration also helps marketing departments visualize customer demographics and learn where their marketing efforts are best received.

And in the event you’re juggling a lot of leads and need help qualifying them, Aptean CRM’s lead qualification feature provides a useful holding tank to store your leads before they are appropriately qualified, nurtured or sent to sales professionals for follow-up. This feature assists with lead capturing, while sifting through to the leads with the most potential.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a method that ranks prospective clients on a scale representing the perceived value that each lead represents in a business. With Aptean CRM lead scoring software users can attach values to their leads based on the information they provide such as, location, industry, job title and company size. Additional information including website behavior, whether they open emails or unsubscribe to them will also play a role in lead scoring.

After Aptean CRM establishes a score for your leads, each score goes into the profile of your lead so your sales reps can determine which leads should be given priority. Automating the lead qualification process helps ensure quality leads receive proper attention immediately(moved down the sales pipeline), while others are nurtured until they are ready. What makes lead scoring so important is that it provides clarity on what leads have the strongest potential to generate a sale versus a low scoring lead that will use up your efforts and amount to nothing sale-wise. After a lead is scored, they can move further down the pipeline.

Lead Nurturing

Aptean CRM gives you a complete overview of the contact history for each opportunity. This includes activity history, payment history, customer service history, and much more. Since it’s all stored within the same database, you’re able to easily pull opportunity data and view all of the contact history within one location.

Boost Your Selling Efforts

Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with your potential customers at every stage of the sales funnel. Think of lead nurturing as contact management, it provides a complete, 360-degree view of leads, allowing sales reps to view their preferences, notes and activity history in order to build strong customer relationships. Lead nurturing also focuses on marketing and communication efforts (social media outreach, emails and phone calls), meant to educate leads until they are ready to purchase from you.

Aptean CRM’s marketing automation feature makes lead nurturing an easy process, allowing a business to reach a large amount of leads quickly. A specific form of marketing is “drip marketing,” which sends pre-written marketing campaign messages to potential customers over a length of time. This helps to strengthen a business’s relationship with its leads by keeping the lines of communication open and consistent.

To continue to improve on nurturing your leads, the Aptean CRM tool, website visitor tracking helps users track prospects behaviors on your company’s website. This will give you a better understanding of what your customers are most interested in. This helps with improve sales and marketing campaigns.

Opportunity Management

Sales representatives work with many leads on multiple deals at different stages in the sales cycle, which can be challenging to keep track of. As a lead moves down the pipeline, the potential to convert that lead into a sale becomes imminent, which means that these leads have to be managed and nurtured.

Aptean CRM Opportunity Management allows you to structure your sales process so opportunities progress efficiently through your sales pipeline, helping guide sales reps through predefined steps through to the final sale. You’ll always know which stage a prospect is at, if and when you will achieve your sales quotas, and which opportunities require special attention. It also gives you a better understand how your sales cycle works so you can make changes when necessary.

Benefits of Lead Management

Increased Customer Engagement

Lead management encourages businesses, specifically sales representatives to engage in meaningful conversations with potential customers in an effort to earn their sale. Aptean CRM users can store customer information into the system, which helps sales reps gain deeper insights into who their customers are, their interests and how to best serve them.

Quick Response Time

With information including customer purchases or assistance with a product, sales reps are able to assist customers with little down time thanks to Aptean CRM storage.

Improved Marketing Campaigns

Businesses gain leads through social media and email campaigns, which are created by marketing departments. Marketers can get a better understanding on which campaigns potential customers respond to most through Aptean CRM, so that they can capitalize off those to earn more leads.

Increased Quality Leads

The most important benefit of lead management is an increased amount of quality customer leads. Aptean CRM helps users gain a pool of useful leads that best align with their business. The hope is that the captured leads will not only turn into sales, but develop into a loyal customer base.

Cost Efficient

CRM is a cost efficient option because it maps out every move that a business should make, provides an understanding of how effective your marketing campaigns are and provides quality leads for your business to push down the sales pipeline. With this system in place, businesses can make the necessary changes to improve their lead management skills and increase customer sales.

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