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New Feature Launch for Aptean GenomeQuest: Full Text Document Search

New Feature Launch for Aptean GenomeQuest: Full Text Document Search


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New Feature Launch for Aptean GenomeQuest: Full Text Document Search

18 Oct 2022

Henk Heus
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Considering the money and time invested in research and clinical trials, ensuring your IP is patentable from the outset is crucial. It’s that all-important first step before pursuing any expensive research and development efforts, and you certainly don’t want to waste time working on something that already has a patent—or, dealing with costly patent infringement lawsuits.

But, determining if your IP is patentable is often easier said than done. Anyone who’s done an IP sequence search before can tell you, it’s not easy. You know you need to cover all the relevant data and ensure you search the data in the right way all while handling the results efficiently and effectively.

For decades, many of the largest pharmaceutical, biotech and agricultural companies in the world, as well as specialized law firms and patent offices have trusted Aptean GenomeQuest to do just this. Why? Aptean GenomeQuest has one of the most comprehensive IP sequence database with over 540 million bio-sequences and over 24 million life science full text patent documents.

Full Text Document Search Functionality

And now, Aptean GenomeQuest has made it even easier to search with their newly-launched Full Text Document Search. With this new functionality, not only is it possible to search through patents using biological sequences, but you can now search patents using full text, easily creating highly targeted searches that help you find what you need faster and more accurately.

Previously, accurate text searches were a challenge, in part because of the sheer volume of documents to be searched. With Aptean GenomeQuest you have greater control over searches, not to mention more help in weeding out search results you’re not interested in. For example:

  • Ontologies – viruses, proteins, antibodies, etc. can go by many names. For example, COVID19, Corona Virus and Sars-CoV2. Aptean GenomeQuest tools allow you to control these synonym libraries for your search.

  • Advance search logic – Aptean GenomeQuest offers a wide array of tools to refine text searching, such as Boolean operators, parentheses, wildcards, exact text matches, date ranges, word proximity matches and fuzzy matches, to name but a few.

Text search results can be filtered further still, applying a multitude of parameters to refine searches. For example, you can carry out searches of entire text or filter by specific fields, such as "authority publishing the patent", "publication date" or "patent granted". This serves to produce more accurate, targeted search results and then ready for analysis. And, search parameters can also be saved for a later date, preventing any duplication of effort further down the line.

Merge Multiple Sequence and Full Text Searches

You now also have the ability to merge up to five different sequence searches with full-text searches within Aptean GenomeQuest. By combining a sequence search with a text search, you’ll cover more information and find the things you’re looking for from different angles, creating more targeted IP searches by merging search queries—including any combination of sequence and document search, to help you find precisely what you need.

Previously, organizations would have used different IP search tools to carry out sequence and text searches employing third-party solutions, Excel spreadsheets or their own custom scripts to then merge these results before carrying out further analysis. With Aptean GenomeQuest’s new functionality, this can all now be done within one solution. You can merge comprehensive sequence searches with exhaustive text searches, going on to slice and dice and refine the data further still, all within the software.

If you are looking for a single solution that gets you the answers you need—faster and more accurately—by allowing you to carry out the exact searches you want, look no further than Aptean GenomeQuest.

For more information on how Aptean GenomeQuest’s new search functionality and IP search tools could make a real difference to your business in the biotech and life sciences industry, contact us today.

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