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Key Features and Benefits of TabWare Work Order Scheduling Software

Key Features and Benefits of TabWare Work Order Scheduling Software


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Key Features and Benefits of TabWare Work Order Scheduling Software

24 Sep 2019

Work order scheduling focuses on getting the right skills, parts, tools, appropriate instructions, permits and safety procedures together when the equipment is available. And, just when you think you have it figured out someone calls in sick or production will not release the equipment to you. Sound familiar? We have a solution. Aptean EAM TabWare Edition’s work order scheduling software is flexible to work the way you do.

Planned and scheduled maintenance is proven to be safer, more efficient and effective and costs significantly less than break-fix maintenance.

Scheduling with Aptean EAM is quick and easy with a drag and drop approach, and it presents a graphical view of work load leveling across your schedule timeframe and available resources.

Maintenance schedules can be used to improve collaboration between operations and maintenance by mutually reviewing schedules and agreeing on the work to be done.

Aptean EAM supports unlimited scheduling approaches including, but not limited to:

  • Individuals

  • Crews

  • Shifts

  • Areas

  • Projects

  • Equipment

  • Lines

  • Buildings

  • Campus

For more complex scheduling such as shutdowns and turnarounds, Aptean EAM can be integrated with other scheduling tools such as Microsoft Project.

Key Features

  • Define any type and schedule timeframe with resource availability

  • Drag and drop work orders from your work order backlog to a schedule and between schedules

  • Graphical view of workload leveling with resource availability over a timeframe

  • Easily combine PM, routine and corrective work orders into work schedules

  • Automatic parts allocation and reservations driven by schedule dates

  • Alerts you when parts are not available to schedule work

  • Automatic scheduling of work orders when parts become available

  • Separate scheduling and parts ordering for projects

  • Easily rework schedules when resource availability and equipment availability change

  • Integration with Aptean EAM Inventory to generate pick lists for scheduled work


  • Maximized asset performance

  • Increased wrench time for maintenance technicians by reducing travel time

  • Minimized equipment downtime

  • Reduced cost and reduced overtime

  • Parts reserved for work orders assures the right parts at the right time

  • Automatic work scheduling when parts become available saves time

  • Flexibility to schedule the way you work aids rapid acceptance and quick adoption

  • Flexibility to quickly rework schedules when events occur saves time and improves morale

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