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5 Profit-Driving Priorities for Manufacturers in 2022

5 Profit-Driving Priorities for Manufacturers in 2022


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5 Profit-Driving Priorities for Manufacturers in 2022

7 Feb 2022

Andy Pickard
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The manufacturing industry has been through huge changes in a short space of time. But after nearly two years of major market disruption, 2022 feels more optimistic.

Even if market conditions continue to fluctuate, manufacturers are more prepared for this ‘new normal’; 8 in 10 companies predict sales and revenue growth and are putting the smart factory strategies in place to achieve these results.

So, what should your manufacturing business be focusing on to enhance your bottom line over the next 12 months? Aptean has conducted a major research study with 275 discrete and process manufacturers in North America, and we’ve curated the key headlines in our latest infographic:

A graphic stating 1/3 of manufactures are struggling to maintain inventory levels.

Inventory Alignment High on Manufacturers’ Priority List

While every company’s circumstances are individual, we’ve identified some key trends across the sector, which will create profit-driving opportunities for manufacturers in 2022.

For example, a third of manufacturers are currently struggling to maintain inventory levels. Supply chain unreliability plus fluctuating customer orders (and unprecedented demand in many cases) make it incredibly difficult to accurately forecast material requirements.

To overcome this challenge, many organizations are investing in digital manufacturing software that integrates production scheduling, supply chain information and materials requirement planning, to improve inventory control.

With real-time data contextualizing every customer order, manufacturers can understand the impact of current inventory levels on production and make smart decisions that avoid out-of-stocks and delayed deliveries.

Download Aptean’s Infographic For More Manufacturing Trends

Aligning inventory with customer demand is just one focus area for the next 12 months. Other profit-driving manufacturing priorities we discovered included increasing employee value, connecting production process data end-to-end and accelerating digital transformation.

Download our infographic: 5 Profit-Driving Priorities for North American Manufacturers to discover how industry-leading manufacturing companies plan to tackle their biggest challenges and drive business development in 2022.

Or to jump straight into improving your inventory management capabilities, discover how Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP and Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP are empowering manufacturers to make data-driven decisions.

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