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Meet Exenta from Aptean ERP—The Only Solution Apparel Distributors Will Ever Need

Meet Exenta from Aptean ERP—The Only Solution Apparel Distributors Will Ever Need


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Meet Exenta from Aptean ERP—The Only Solution Apparel Distributors Will Ever Need

22 Mar 2022

Aptean Staff Writer
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You already know that Aptean specializes in award-winning, industry-specific ERPs. But did you know that we have expanded into the fashion and apparel vertical? Aptean is pleased to introduce you to our new “baby”—Exenta. Exenta from Aptean is a global, cutting-edge, transformative apparel ERP, as well as a complementary PLM platform and Shop Floor Control solution.

If you’re trying to run a successful apparel manufacturing or distribution company, you know the necessity of having efficient, repeatable work processes that you can trace through the full product lifecycle, from inception to eCommerce to the retail racks.

It’s true that software alone will not make your business successful. You also need dedicated, intelligent people to leverage their industry experience and business acumen to help you grow. With a team of fashion and apparel experts on staff, Exenta from Aptean is the business partner you need to stay agile and competitive. Our Exenta team worked tirelessly to innovate, build and deliver the best apparel and fashion platform on the market.

Are you thinking about implementing an ERP? Or maybe you have one, but it’s not meeting your needs.

We’ve gathered up some FAQs about this type of software suite and answered them below.

Q: How do I know that Exenta from Aptean is the right fit for my apparel company?

A: We know the fashion and apparel industry inside and out—our entire staff are veterans of the industry. In addition, the system has a prolific base package that allows for customizations. The best part? Any customizations won’t isolate your system from the base code. This means that you still get upgrades and new features, as well as an experienced support team.

Q: Why do we need an industry-specific ERP, anyway?

A: An industry-specific platform gives you the functions that align with the fashion and apparel industry’s unique needs. Moreover, all these functions are unified into “one source of truth” so that everyone from executives to warehouse managers has access to the exact information they need to do their jobs. With advanced distribution tools, manufacturing functionality and robust sales capabilities, Exenta from Aptean’s fashion management solutions have unique features designed for industry leaders just like you.

Q: Will the ERP help my business stay compliant and follow industry best practices?

A: Absolutely. In fact, trying to keep up with stringent retail and regulatory requirements without an ERP would be almost impossible. A built-in electronic data interchange (EDI) feature automates and simplifies your data transfer. In addition, your ERP increases visibility and control over every aspect of your enterprise.

Increased visibility means more accurate bookkeeping. This not only gives your team an accurate picture of business performance, but your shareholders and the public as well, which is a requirement under the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Also, your ERP serves as a defense against potential security breaches. Built-in compliance management tools ensure that you enforce industry-specific regulatory compliance and can easily track, verify and audit transactions.

Additionally, the platform’s inventory tracking, shop floor and supply chain modules guarantee your products are compliant and safe, from acquisition of raw materials to distribution to your retail outlets—and every point in between.

Q: Will the ERP help improve customer service?

A: We know that you have retail partners with which you want to maintain, and even enhance, your relationships. With superior inventory management tools, you can help your retailers keep the right amount of stock. You can allocate key items for your most important clients, create service-level rules and designate inventory.

By streamlining backend business processes and matching supply with demand, your ERP improves the user experience by automating communications, paperwork and ordering. This means that your sales and service team will be free to concentrate on helping your clients with bigger issues or educating them on cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Q: How will the ERP boost our reporting capabilities?

A: Exenta from Aptean is designed with the specific needs of businesses like yours in mind. With a style-based (rather than SKU-based) system and customizable reporting dashboards, each user can get the specific information they need with just a few keystrokes. That means your team can generate reports quickly under any parameters you require.

You get built-in reports like style trends, stock-to-sales ratio, product category and sell-through ratio results in an end-to-end management system created specifically for apparel, footwear and accessories manufacturers and distributors.

The One Solution for the Apparel Industry

Today’s fashion brands need to deliver personalized, engaging customer experiences in a unified, omnichannel business solution. They need everything from product lifecycle management to eCommerce and beyond. They require real-time inventory and real-time fulfillment—which means today’s apparel industry leaders need one solution that can accommodate the complexities of serving different types of customers across any channel.

With optimized features that address your pain points, robust reporting capabilities and omnichannel features, apparel brands can run their business both efficiently and profitably with the industry-specific Exenta from Aptean ERP.

Ideal for manufacturers in clothing, accessories, footwear, swimwear, textiles and more—do you want to learn more about how Exenta from Aptean can take your apparel business to the next level? Find out how, now.

Ready to transform your apparel business?

We’ve got the specialised ERP solutions you need to conquer your fashion industry challenges.

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