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Morey's Piers and Water Parks Makes a Splash with Aptean TabWare EAM

Morey's Piers and Water Parks Makes a Splash with Aptean TabWare EAM


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Morey's Piers and Water Parks Makes a Splash with Aptean TabWare EAM

18 Jun 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
Morey's piers and water parks

Morey's Piers and Water Parks is a classic seaside amusement park located on The Wildwoods boardwalk in New Jersey. The park has been family owned and operated since 1969 and is currently run by second-generation Morey brothers, Will and Jack. Morey's Piers has over 100 rides and attractions and includes three amusement piers and two beachfront waterparks. It is the quintessential destination spot for locals and international tourists during the American Northeast's summer months, and it's where Pat Smith, Director of Maintenance, uses our comprehensive enterprise asset management solution, Aptean TabWare EAM, to ensure that Morey's Piers maintains its first-class operation status. TabWare helps to position Smith and his team for success and while also better equipping them for any unexpected challenges.

So much of Morey's Piers' success relies on the safety of its customers, and Smith is proud of the organization in which he works. He says, "We've built a reputation for doing the right thing, and we want to maintain that status. Partners love working with us because they know we run a first-class operation, and the only way we're able to do that is by monitoring everything we do. TabWare has given us the functionality and accountability we need to run the first-class operation that the Moreys brothers want to run."

Be sure to read the Morey's Piers case study in its entirety. If you'd like to hear some other stories about how TabWare EAM supports manufacturing practices and processes, head to our resource center for more case studies like the Constellium Bowling Green case study featured in Aptean Insights.

If you want to talk about how TabWare EAM can help you and your organization, reach out; we'd love to talk.

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