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SaaS vs. On-Premise: Ensure Business Continuity

SaaS vs. On-Premise: Ensure Business Continuity


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SaaS vs. On-Premise: Ensure Business Continuity

14 Sep 2022


Recent studies have found that cybercriminals infiltrate up to 90% of enterprise solutions. So it's no surprise that digital security and ensuring business continuity are the top issues on executives' minds. Software as a service or SaaS gives you the robust security layer you need to ensure your ERP system is secure, up to date and available.

That's why the cloud is trusted by over 94% of enterprise-sized businesses today. If you've been thinking it's time to say goodbye to bulky, on-premise servers along with hefty expenses and maintenance, and embrace a cloud-based ERP here are a few things to consider: in an on-premise environment, a data breach is a time sensitive emergency that leaves your business vulnerable and exposed.

Lost productivity in downtime put your revenue at risk while internal IT teams scramble to resolve the breach. Aptean's SaaS environment is always accessible and includes continuous monitoring of your IT Infrastructure, so you can rest easy knowing our teams are on a constant lookout for gaps in security.

With SaaS, should an unforeseen event occur, your data is backed up and always available. Data stored in the cloud is easily recovered through Aptean's secure servers ensuring your business continuity. On-premise systems rely on internal human intervention for updates, customization, geo-redundancy, security patches, technology updates and much more.

With SaaS all of that is taken care of. SaaS allows you to scale in order to meet demand in just a few clicks. Unlike a company's own servers that would need to have new hardware installed, cloud based infrastructure can quickly be expanded to meet the needs of your business. For those companies growing quickly, it means that you'll never have to worry about slowing down because your equipment can't keep up.

It's estimated that a business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 14 seconds. It's no surprise that organizations with on-prem servers are spending millions on ransomware insurance and increased security measures. But why? It's because these systems are no longer the best option available. Cloud deployment takes the weight of security and upkeep off your shoulders, requires no hardware to buy, install and manage and allows you to focus on running your business, not your IT department.

Nothing is certain. But the only proven way to ensure system security, technological relevance, business continuity and brand protection based on current statistics is by leveraging SaaS and not letting outgrown technology hold you back.

For businesses looking to get ahead and stay ahead, the time to switch to SaaS is now. Are you ready for what's next?

If you need more information to decide what's right for your business, check out these resources

With Aptean Cloud equipped with advanced encryption, geo-fencing and additional proactive security measures, a SaaS deployment can support accessibility and business continuity while driving performance and results for your business.

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