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Ready for Economical and Effortless Shipping

Aptean Ship is a domestic and international multi-carrier shipping software solution that integrates tightly with Aptean ERPs, simplifying your shipping process.

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Increase Warehouse Efficiency with Aptean Ship

Reduce Shipping Cost and Complexity

Shipping should be easy. With so many types of packages, international requirements and carriers, your freight complexity and cost can get out of hand. Aptean Ship allows you to rate shop multi-carrier and multi-mode and ship both modes through a single application or let our shipping software auto-select the best carrier/service for you.

Streamline Your Shipping Process

On time delivery is crucial for your customers. Aptean Ship tightly integrates with Aptean ERPs ensuring streamlined shipping by providing the warehouse instant access to orders. This allows you to better manage your inventory, improve on-time delivery and optimize your shipping process to become a more competitive and efficient business.

Elevate Your Brand

Simply having a brand is not enough. It’s important to be consistently building that brand and strengthening its association in the minds of your customer. Leverage Aptean Ship to promote your brand and help drive repeat business. Personalize your shipments by customizing your shipping documents and email notifications and keep your customers up to date on their packages, all while staying true to your brand.

Boost Efficiency in Accounts Receivable

Want faster, more accurate billing? Streamline your accounts receivable with Aptean Ship. Freight costs and tracking information are automatically sent back to the sales order while your packages are being processed.

An Integrated Shipping Solution Helping You Become More Competitive

Aptean Ship makes shipping easy with smart features and integration with Aptean ERPs. Over 5,000 companies trust our Aptean Ship product to get their shipments out the door on time and with minimal effort.

Our software was designed to provide you with ultimate flexibility to manage cost, handle documentation and connect with your warehouse without the hassle of dealing with single carrier solutions.

To achieve and maintain strong customer loyalty, it’s essential to get inventory in the hands of your customer on time and economically. With Aptean Ship, late deliveries and address validation issues are problems of the past.

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Shipping Platform Features

Plug-and-Play Interface

Aptean Ship easily integrates with Aptean ERP solutions streamlining your shipping process, accounts receivable and customer service. The plug-and-play interfaces provide your warehouse with instant access to orders and auto-populate the ship screen by simply scanning the document number from your pick sheet.

Rate-Shopping and Carrier Selection

Rate shopping can become complex and time-consuming. With Aptean Ship your entire office has the power of rating small parcel and LTL from one unified view, reducing cost and complexity from your shipping process. Our shipping software enables you to come better prepared for carrier negotiations with the ability to view data for all carriers in one place.

Multi-Carrier, Multi-Mode Shipping

Aptean Ship allows you to ship both small parcel (including regionals) and LTL through a single application. Save time and minimize errors by letting Aptean Ship auto select the optimal carrier/service based on your custom parameters. Access line-item detail to automate documentation for international, hazmat, 128 labels or BOL reports

Dashboard with High-Speed Info

Constantly monitoring and staying up to date on your metrics are critical to keep your business healthy. Aptean Ship’s customizable dashboard provides instant access to shipment history, metrics and reports that are important to you. Customers can compare promised delivery dates to actual dates and report any discrepancies to be proactive on receiving refunds.

Multiple Printing Options

Aptean Ship was designed to be flexible so you can choose the solution that works best for your business. We bring you the option to print shipping labels and documents (including international forms) separately or select an integrated packing list and shipping label.

Branded Email and Shipping Documents

Customize your shipping documents and emails, and keep customers up to date on their packages, all while staying true to your brand.

Ready to start transforming your shipping process?

We’ve got the specialised solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.

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