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Ready to Optimise Asset Productivity for Food & Beverage

To keep up with the demands of this competitive and evolving market, you need a reliable and efficient production process. And for that, you need to maximise asset performance.

Enter Aptean EAM.

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Enterprise Asset

Management Made Easy

The Value of Food Manufacturing Asset Management

In your industry, you have to keep up with order volumes and changing customer demands while maximising efficiency to stay profitable. Not forgetting the layers of stringent safety standards and regulations you must comply with every day.

All this adds up to make the performance of your equipment crucial.

When your maintenance management is not a well-oiled machine, the results can be costly, with increased instability or downtime in production. In addition, a lack of visibility of when and what maintenance procedures have taken place could land you in hot water with your country’s regulatory bodies.

The solution? An enterprise asset management (EAM) system.

Aptean EAM: Positioning You for Success

With Aptean EAM you’re able to implement efficient asset and maintenance management resulting in:

  • Maximised asset performance

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Improved operational efficiency

  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • Increased visibility of maintenance processes

And, because Aptean EAM is designed for maintenance professionals by experts in the industry, the job’s daily demands are built into the fabric of the system’s comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, functionality. Positioning you for success, without the hassle.

Success with Aptean EAM

CoreFX Easily Adopts Aptean EAM for Transparency, Safety and Efficiency

Core FX, an ingredients producer, quickly found themselves encumbered by their preventive maintenance program due to inefficient processes, dependency on messy paper records and lack of visibility. CoreFX quickly adopted Aptean EAM to provide real-time visibility of their maintenance operations and allow them to take action ahead of potential downtime.

“It’s key to have everything at your fingertips." Frank Furgal, Capital Projects Lead, CoreFX Ingredients.

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