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Ready for Nutraceutical ERP That Meets Your Industry Needs

Gain 360° visibility and control of all your operations with a purpose-built enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from Aptean. It's time to formulate with confidence.

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Elevate Your

Performance and Profits

with Nutraceutical ERP.

Be Future-Ready with an ERP Built Specifically for Businesses Like Yours

The nutraceutical industry is complex and every-changing. Manufacturers like you are required to consistently produce quality products at competitive prices while meeting the demands of consumers and governing regulatory bodies. At Aptean, we have in-depth experience working with companies in the nutraceutical industry, including manufacturers, private-label operations and co-packers of vitamin and mineral blends and herbal and dietary supplements.

With our purpose-built nutraceutical ERP you’re able to streamline compliance and increase efficiency with ease. Real-time integration of your critical needs, including manufacturing, inventory, quality, sales, financials and reporting, enable your business to grow and succeed.

Our tailored functionality goes beyond ensuring compliance with long-standing rules by also keeping you aligned with the latest and upcoming regulations. Aptean’s nutraceutical ERP provides flexible tools for production processes, compliance initiatives and reporting—including 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures, FDA audits and validation and cGMP requirements. Exceptional controls over complex formulations, accurate labeling practices and exact auditing tools provide your company with the functionality you need to scale and grow your business.

Scalable and Secure Functionality for Nutraceutical Manufacturers

With our industry expertise, we’ve developed a nutraceutical-specific ERP solution to streamline your processes and boost performance.

  • Established recipe and formula management system

  • Real-time lot tracking and tracing

  • Data visibility to make informed decisions

  • Instant insight into inventory levels and production

  • Effective batch sizing and scaling

  • Robust research and development (R&D) application

  • Flexible quality control and management

  • Integrated supplement nutritional analysis and labeling

  • Ability to perform product recalls

  • Cloud deployment for data security and scalability

Aptean's nutraceutical ERP is ready to help you supercharge performance and propel your business to the next level. Contact us to find out how, now.

Unlock Nutraceutical-Specific Features and Get the Aptean Advantage

Ready to explore all the ways in which Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP will help ensure your business’s operations with purpose-built tools for your unique challenges?

You’ve likely got lots of questions about our solutions and the implementation process, not to mention the resource commitments you’ll need to make as an organization.

Most ERP solution vendors will be more than happy to provide you a price quote on request, but it’s important that you’re able to convey your needs and expectations clearly so that their teams can produce a realistic and accurate figure. In this blog post, we dive into the key considerations you need to make prior to filing your request for an ERP quote, as well as how to best carry out the process.

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Ready to increase efficiency and ensure compliance?

We’d love to show you how nutraceutical companies like yours are benefiting from ERP technology.

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