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Ready to Maximise Production Efficiency With OEE Software

Gain end-to-end detailed insight into all your production activities and results in order to measure, analyse and improve your production process.

Run your production in a smarter and more strategic way with the Patch OEE solution in the cloud.

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Proven OEE Solution

More Efficient Production

Why OEE is Critical to Your Manufacturing Business

The shop floor is the beating heart of a manufacturing company. It is crucial to have insight into real-time data from your production activities to act faster and boost production performance.

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) software is a measurement that allows manufacturers to compare their actual productive time against their available planned production time giving you a highly visible and accessible figure by which to judge the performance of your equipment and processes.

By combining real-time metrics and easy-to-use technology—and automatically performing the necessary computations—Patch OEE offers the ability to immediately identify manufacturing losses and optimise plan attainment. Furthermore, accurate and reliable data is provided, so that you can continually improve your operational processes at all times for the most efficient execution of your production.

This monitoring system features highly configurable performance dashboards which provide a comprehensive analysis of real-time production state, with multi-shift, line and site visibility. This offers the perfect opportunity for any organisation looking to standardise their plant operations with a single version of the truth.

What Do You Achieve With an Aptean OEE Solution?

Patch OEE, a solution with a large footprint of customers in the food and beverage vertical, supports any process or discrete manufacturer looking to run their factory in a simpler, smarter and more strategic way.

What are the benefits of an OEE solution?

  • Capture detailed loss categories of your OEE to reduce costs and unlock hidden capacity

  • Stay agile and responsive through insight into actual versus planned production in real-time

  • Track and improve product to product changeovers, and the reasons for overruns

  • Impact the next hour of production through automated alerts when production falls below acceptable conditions

With out-of-the-box connectors to your ERP system and an automation and control layer on the shop floor, Patch OEE removes the human errors associated with typical manual data capture and double entry providing a connected paperless platform that people can trust with comprehensive insights and intelligence.

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Patch OEE Software

Actionable intelligence and instant visibility for greater production efficiency.
Patch OEE Product Details
With accurate and reliable insights into your production lines and streamlined implementation, our Patch OEE software solution delivers rapid ROI and long-term benefits. Explore the product details of our OEE solution to find out more.

Ready for fast implementation and rapid ROI?

We’ve got the specialised OEE solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.

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