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Ready for Accuracy With Aptean PLM for Cosmetics

Are regulations and competition slowing down your product development and time-to-market? Is your innovation rate keeping up with changing trends?

Overcome these challenges and more with Aptean's product lifecycle management (PLM) software for cosmetics manufacturers.

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Stay Competitive in the

Dynamic Cosmetics


Improve Product Development Efficiency

Our cosmetics PLM solution streamlines your new product development process and reduces time-to-market enabling you to ease cross-cutting collaboration, streamline the flow of information and manage your ever-increasing number of products and documents by centralising them into a single, structured database. The PLM workflow engine is the central hub for internal and external collaborations, driving all the project management functionalities.

Share Information and Iterate With Your Partners

No more information siloes. A secured portal provides central access to and control of all relevant information such as supplier’s data, specifications and proposals. Our personal care and cosmetic PLM software allows you to automate the exchange of information—facilitating communication and collaboration with your suppliers.

Enforce Cosmetic Product Regulatory Compliance

Early screening for non-conformity in formulation ensure your product is compliant with the necessary regulations. With our PLM for cosmetics, you’ll have essential features such as regulatory analysis, automatic warnings and real-time display of blacklists and regulatory restrictions linked to raw materials and ingredients. You can automatically generate and manage the lists and thresholds of ingredients and allergens, gather all documents required for the Product Information File (PIF) and centralise quality events related to your products, such as non-conformities, complaints or cosmetovigilance cases.

Foster Innovation With R&D

Our specialised product lifecycle management software for cosmetic companies allows you to create new formulas in conformity with the initial specifications and current regulations. Whether you’re a perfume company, working in skin care, or manufacture a wide range of product types, you can build your own template to meet your needs. Your teams can focus on innovation thanks to automated calculations such as Quali/Quanti formula, Quantum Satis, drugs facts, costs, risks and more.

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Cosmetic Product Development

Elevate Your Approach to Cosmetic Formulation

Aptean’s PLM software was designed to help you at every stage of the product lifecycle.

During the formulation phase, align your marketing brief with regulatory requirements, as well as select the right raw materials and ingredients through detailed screenings. Streamline these three core processes of product development: prototyping, approval and manufacturing.

With Aptean PLM, you can check the compliance of your product throughout the development process and manage potential changes in its formulation. Download our full brochure guide today to learn more.

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Cosmetic Product Development

Success With Aptean

Yanbal International: A Successful PLM Project

Yanbal International, a global direct selling company with over 50 years of success in the beauty industry, needed a modern and secure solution to replace its legacy system. Enter Aptean PLM.

With our PLM software for cosmetics and beauty the company is now able to forge better practices across its teams, including data and document management. And, using the systems modular design, Yanbal looks forward to expanding usage to unlock further benefits in the future.

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Product Compliance

Ensuring Product Compliance in a Global Environment

Regulatory compliance can be very complex when it comes to personal care and cosmetic products. With recent studies highlighting the hazardousness of a large range of chemicals, consumers now request more transparency and governments are strengthening their regulations.

Follow best practices from experts on how to ensure product compliance through its entire lifecycle when commercialising cosmetic products to North America and in the EU.

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How to Ensure Product Compliance in a Global Environment

Ready to start transforming your beauty business?

Start your transformation with Aptean PLM for cosmetics and personal care companies.

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