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Ready for Precision With a PLM for Food and Beverage

Regulations. Labeling. Compliance. Supplier relationship management. These are just a few of the many challenges and constraints you face every day.

With our product lifecycle management (PLM) software for food and beverage companies you can say goodbye to these headaches and more.

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Work More Efficiently

With a PLM for

Food and Beverage

Tackle Your Food and Beverage Industry Challenges

There’s no escaping the fact that the food and beverage industry is competitive. It’s fast-paced. It’s complex. With strict regulations to adhere to, suppliers to manage effectively and the competition breathing down your neck, you need to be innovative and quick-to-market to thrive.

Thankfully, with the right technology driving your operations end-to-end you can overcome today’s challenges and build tomorrow’s success. Aptean PLM Lascom Edition is designed to streamline your new product development, increase communication and collaboration with your suppliers and organise the huge volume of data your operation requires each day. With easy access to all the data you need, exactly when you need it, you can improve your time-to-market and boost innovation—keeping you ahead of the competition.

Boost overall efficiency. Work more cost-effectively. Improve collaboration with all stakeholders. With our PLM for food and beverage in your corner you’ll be Ready for What’s Next, Now®.

How Aptean PLM Drives Your Success

At Aptean, we have decades of experience helping food and beverage organisations like yours. With that specialised experience we’re able to build innovative solutions with the specific functionalities your business needs.

With Aptean PLM for food and beverage you can:

  • Eliminate data silos and disconnects between teams thanks to a single source of truth

  • Utilise powerful and intuitive formulation tools able to detect any mismatch between a recipe and its brief and to generate key values such as lists of ingredients and allergens

  • Simplify quality procedures and ensure regulatory compliance using features such as ingredient screening

If you’re ready to master the complexity of your operation, get in touch with one of our experts today.

Product Compliance

Product Development in a Global and Rapidly Evolving Regulatory Environment

Food and beverage manufacturers face important regulations when launching their products. From ingredients to labels to packaging, it is challenging to comply and be up to date with the various laws, guidelines and restrictions.

New factors such as the needs for traceability and transparency emphasise this challenge and stress the importance of having the right processes, workflows and support in place. Globalisation also highlights the need to have a complete understanding of the local rules.

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Your Product Development in a Global and Rapidly Evolving Regulatory Context

Comprehensive Functionality for Your Food and Beverage Company

With Aptean PLM for food and beverage, your business can streamline new product development, speed up R&D processes, ensure compliance and guarantee quality control throughout the lifecycle. Here are just a few of the great benefits you can achieve:

  • Develop recipes quickly with features including recipe yield and cost calculation, prototype management and nutrition calculation.

  • Generate nutritional fact panels automatically with features specifically designed for label generation and management. Easily create ingredient statements and allergen lists with compliant labels.

  • Report, qualify, manage and eliminate any non-conforming aspects before, during or after production to ensure quality.

  • Make data-driven decisions with real-time reporting and dashboards.

Achieve all of this and more seamlessly with Aptean’s specialised product lifecycle management software for food and beverage manufacturers.

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Success With Aptean

Monin Supports Globalisation of Its International Brand with PLM

Monin manufactures 150 flavors of syrups, liquors, fruit-based preparations, sauces and smoothies, distributing its products in 150 countries.

Facing the challenges of globalisation and multiple development processes, Monin needed a global platform to standardise processes and unify teams. Aptean PLM software was the best answer to meet these challenges.

“With Aptean PLM Lascom Edition, we were able to make our data more reliable and to work with traceable validation processes.” – Anne, R&D Project Manager, Monin

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