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Ready for Streamlined Proof of Delivery

Differentiating your customer delivery experience without sacrificing operational efficiency or spiraling costs doesn’t have to be a pipedream. You just need the right software.

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Eliminate Paperwork. Improve Service. Streamline Processes.

Proof of delivery has come a long way. Advances in technology have transformed the data capture methods available, and paper has well and truly been left behind.

In its place: electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) systems. They have rapidly evolved from simply capturing a customer signature to encompass far more sophisticated functionality. These advanced systems now give businesses the ability to automate and streamline the complexities of modern distribution operations, optimize internal processes and improve the customer delivery experience.

The icing on the cake—the ability to collect both operational and delivery data electronically, ensures it is available for sharing across departments and reporting, analysis and continuous improvement.

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A Proof of Delivery System With Your Business at Its Heart

Aptean’s advanced proof of delivery software is built with flexibility at its core—ensuring it can be tailored to meet your unique and complex operational requirements.

This configurability, teamed with the wide range of data that can be captured, enables you to implement consistent processes to improve customer service, minimize daily operating costs and optimize workforce productivity.

Our proof of delivery software is built to seamlessly integrate with new or existing ERP, TMS and WMS systems to help support every aspect of your logistics and transportation operations. Unlock benefits from day one with a host of advanced features, a straightforward implementation process and support from our by-your-side experts.

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Aptean Proof of Delivery
Want to provide consistent delivery experiences while gaining real-time visibility and streamlining processes? Then our ePOD software is for you.
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