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Aptean CRM - Knowledge Library

Aptean CRM - Knowledge Library


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Aptean CRM - Knowledge Library

19 Feb 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Find the Right Answer. Faster
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Share product expertise and critical information with the Aptean CRM knowledge library. The knowledge library, which is included in our customer service application, allows you to develop a custom repository of information that is easily accessible and searchable.

This dynamic resource allows you to store and categorize information such as product guides, manuals, data sheets, step-by-step instructions and FAQ’s so customer service agents can quickly retrieve the precise information they need to resolve cases and answer questions. You can even include unlimited notes and attachments and send emails directly from the CRM application.

  • Boost Agent Productivity. In just a few clicks, service agents can easily find, access and deliver accurate answers to customer questions. This ultimately equates to faster response times and happier customers.

  • A Dynamic Resource. The Aptean CRM knowledge base is not static – it has the capacity to grow as your business grows. Every time you record the outcome of an incident, you are adding to your knowledge base.

  • Initiate Emails. Our knowledge base includes a quick email feature, so you can email files and attachments associated with articles in your resource library. All without ever leaving our application.

Access, Organize and Share Information

Solve Problems Faster Than Ever

Make it easy for your service team to find the answers they need. The Aptean CRM knowledge library is designed to assist customer service agents as they respond to customer inquiries and resolve incidents. It is a repository of information that can be searched by keyword or grouped by category to make it easier for users to locate a topic of interest.

Users can also create saved searches with their own search criteria, view recently opened articles, add articles to their favorites and generate new articles from within an easy to use interface. You also have the option to assign editing privileges by user so you can control who can add, change or maintain articles.

Unlimited Notes and Attachments

Add an unlimited number of comments, notes or updates to the articles in your knowledge base. The more information and instruction you provide, the easier it is for other agents to answer the same questions. Attached files may also be emailed directly to a customer from within the Aptean CRM knowledge base, saving time and eliminating the need to send emails from a separate application.

Share Customer Support Knowledge

The Aptean CRM knowledge base enables you to collect information about your customers’ common questions or issues and then share that information with the rest of your support team. Everyone has access to the same knowledge at their fingertips. This enhances productivity, minimizes response time and establishes a consistent incident resolution process. A comprehensive knowledge base is also a great tool for training new agents who are less experienced in dealing with frequent customer questions and incidents.

Case Resolutions

Focusing on case closures, case resolutions provide tools to help quickly find answers for customer service inquiries. Knowledge articles that are based on information from cases, can be searched in your CRM. Search for answers to customer concerns by searching status, resolution type, as well.

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