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Aptean CRM - Queries and Reports

Aptean CRM - Queries and Reports


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Aptean CRM - Queries and Reports

9 Mar 2020

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Measure Results with Detailed Sales and Marketing Analytics
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As a manager, you rely on detailed and comprehensive sales, marketing and service metrics to measure the results of your team. Being able to both see and understand company performance through sales trends, analytics, charts and case reports helps businesses decide how to move their business forward. Aptean CRM ships with 60 standard reports and includes forecasts, custom charts and exportable file features.

  • Customize Reports. Whether it’s sales, marketing, or rep activity reports, users can drill down and customize reports filled with only key metrics.

  • Manipulate Data. Use the data that’s most relevant to you, and export it into a file that’s most convenient for external analysis.

  • Visualize Analytics. More of a visual person? Use interactive pie, bar, and line charts to make the most of your sales, marketing and service data.

Gain Clarity, Make Better Decisions with Your Reports

Export Detailed Reports

You don’t have to worry about not being able to have detailed reports in easy-to-use and easy-to-manipulate formats. Our software comes with 60 standard reports and allows you to export customized reports via PDF or Microsoft Word formats.

Customize Your Reports

With Aptean CRM, users have the ability to create their own customized reports. Place key metrics you need into customized reports for clear insight as to how well each department that makes up your business is performing. Customized reports can include information on:

  • Sales Cycle: the sales cycle is unique in that it could be either a short or a lengthy process. Following the cycle from its lead capture to its close, information is captured about leads, their purchase interests, contact information, etc. The report not only reflects that, but can also drill down to smaller metrics including response time average.

  • Campaign Metrics: important information for marketing teams, campaigns metrics are the answers as to whether or not your marketing campaigns are bringing in customers and translating to sales. These metrics can help marketers develop the most effective marketing campaigns to attract customers.

  • Pipeline Reports: these reports show how leads are either progressing or regressing through the decision process as well as potential opportunities. Pipeline reports help sales representatives focus on the prospects who appear to be further ahead in the pipeline and working toward a potential purchase.

  • Sales Forecasts: based on your sales pipeline reports, sales representatives can project their future revenue. These reports are typically ran on a monthly or quarterly basis, which then can be used for specific departments to set up their financial goals moving for the next month or quarter.

This in-depth information helps to create a clear path on the next steps businesses should take in order to grow their business and improve upon areas of weakness.

On Demand Reporting

In business, it is common to have to make decisions quickly and when that happens, you need accurate insights to ensure that those decisions are the best ones. Aptean CRM reporting and queries removes the possibility of inaccurate, slow to access reports and gives you information exactly when its needed.

Want to find out how our customer relationship management software, Aptean CRM, can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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