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Aptean GenomeQuest: Antibody Module

Aptean GenomeQuest: Antibody Module


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Aptean GenomeQuest: Antibody Module

29 Oct 2021


Hello. Today, I'd like to introduce Genome Quest's new Antibody Module. The Antibody Module's launch page can include all eight antibody elements, and you can tune each CDR and both chains to the specific level of variation that you want to allow.

Once that search has run, you'll be able to access the data in our traditional analysis browsers, or our new antibody report. This concise report contains links into subsets of the data, including patents that contain all eight elements of your search.

As we see in this example, the report also includes our traditional Venn diagrams and chains comprising your CDRs. Additionally, we include mismatch reports for each CDR position and sequence-level variation for your CDRs. Your data can be filtered, and the reports regenerated with the filtered information. Thanks.

Discover more about Aptean GenomeQuest and its Antibody Module, a feature of the comprehensive biological IP database from Aptean. Get in touch with our team of experts today to get started.

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