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Ready to Maximise Asset Productivity with Aptean EAM

From building proactive maintenance plans to managing spare parts inventory, Aptean EAM software has all the CMMS and EAM features you need to get the most out of your equipment.

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Reduce Costs.

Increase Asset Reliability.

Aptean EAM Delivers.

Make Informed Decisions

With our robust reporting and advanced analytics capabilities, you will be able to collect and analyse data on your assets’ performance and maintenance history – giving you the insights you need to make the right decision.

Stop Unplanned Downtime

No one likes fighting fires. With our EAM system you can implement proactive and preventive maintenance strategies for your plant, allowing you to fix issues before they become real problems.

Improve Asset Productivity

Carefully maintained equipment fails less often and lasts longer. With Aptean EAM you can ensure that your equipment performance will not get in the way of meeting your production targets.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re at your desk, on the shopfloor or working from home, you can access Aptean EAM from anywhere. Our solution gives you the flexibility to access the information you need and the ability to respond quickly from either your mobile, tablet or desktop computer.

Meets Your Needs Today and Tomorrow

If you’re looking to move your work orders from cumbersome paper-based or overly manual systems to an easy-to-use digital platform, we have you covered. If you need more advanced functions like inventory management, purchasing and multi-site capabilities, we can do that too. Start with what you need now, and as you grow, we will be there with a suite of advance features to help you succeed.

What You Need, When You Need It

Work instructions, check. Equipment manual, check. Spare parts, check. With the robust work order and inventory management capabilities of our EAM system, you can ensure that your technicians are equipped with the right information and tools to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Confidence in Compliance

Audits can happen at any time. By managing your processes through our CMMS and EAM solution, you can be confident that you are working to your industry’s standards and ensure your documents are easily accessible from a single secure location.

Get the Most Out of Your Equipment with Aptean EAM

Are you ready to improve asset reliability, increase productivity and control costs?

Then Aptean EAM is the tool you need. With our CMMS and EAM system, you can:

  • Enable connectivity and visibility across organisation

  • Efficiently manage maintenance teams and resources

  • Ensure compliance to your industry’s standards

Aptean EAM’s industry specific focus, dedicated teams and flexible solution allows you to reach your ROI targets quickly.

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Success Stories

CoreFX Implements Aptean EAM for Transparency, Safety and Efficiency

At CoreFX, preventive maintenance orders (PMs) were managed by paper. Time was wasted printing PMs, building binders for the techs and manually filing them away once done. This paper-based system was unsustainable and auditors were encouraging the company to move to a computerised system.

Learn how CoreFX is using Aptean EAM to increase visibility into their maintenance work, streamline administrative processes and prioritise important jobs to improve the safety and efficiency of their facility.

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Anderson Dahlen uses Aptean EAM to Expand Engineering Team while Streamlining Maintenance Costs

At Anderson Dahlen, maintenance costs were spiraling out of control. With over 500 assets and no central maintenance system, it was near impossible to get a full picture of their maintenance program. On top of that, cost from their third-party maintenance providers continued to grow.

Learn how Anderson Dahlen is able to leverage Aptean EAM to gain visibility of their maintenance program, improve service quality by centralising their preventative maintenance request and save cost by insourcing maintenance.

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Advance Features To Elevate Your Maintenance Planning and Strategy

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

With Aptean EAM, you will have a complete overview of your maintenance operations. You can drill down to understand which assets are failing more often and why, inform strategic decisions - for example, if you should repair or replace a piece of equipment - and generate interactive reports to understand work order backlogs or how your business is tracking against KPIs.

Work Order Management

Maintenance requests can come from anywhere, at any time. Whether it’s a scheduled preventive maintenance request or an emergency, you need a work order management solution that is easy to use and accessible from anywhere. Our work order functionality has the scheduling and planning tools you need to ensure your teams are working on what’s most important and have access to the level of detail they need to get the job done.

Mobile Workforce

While in the field, your technicians will need to access information like, work order details, electronic checklists and spare part availability as well as relevant documentation such as a manuals, specifications, safety procedures and images. While on the job, they can provide status updates, giving you real-time visibility into job progress.

Inventory and Procurement Management

Stocking out of critical spare parts can cost your organisation time and money. By managing your maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) inventory in Aptean EAM, you will be able to track inventory, set reorder points, issue purchase requisitions and generate purchase orders that integrate with your ERP. This gives your procurement teams the tools they need to ensure you have the necessary parts to keep your operations running smoothly.

Audit and Regulatory Compliance

Manage industry audits and regulatory compliance with confidence. By managing your maintenance processes with Aptean EAM you can ensure that your teams are keeping to your industries standards. Our inspections module simplifies the audit process by generating and storing reports of each inspection, making them easily accessible for distribution to auditors when needed.

Preventive Maintenance

A robust preventive maintenance (PM) system is the first line of defense against unplanned down time. With the right PM system in place, your technicians will be able to correct issues before they become production stopping problems. Our EAM system provides an easy-to-use platform to plan, organise and manage PM work orders. In addition, Aptean EAM offers an audit trail of all PM work to help simplify compliance reporting.

Easy To Learn

Designed specifically for manufacturers, Aptean EAM is easy to learn. Our modern and flexible user interface is simple to navigate and can be configured to best fit your operations, allowing new users to quickly master the application and enabling your team to start realising the benefits of an EAM solution immediately.

Minimise IT Resources Needed

We let you focus on what matters—manufacturing. By leveraging Aptean EAM’s cloud you can expect to reduce high costs from IT hardware and labor, improve application availability and stability, and increase system security, all while giving your teams the ability to access the tools they need from anywhere.

Ready to start transforming your business?

We’ve got the specialised EAM solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.

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