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Ready for Fully Connected PLM Software

Thirty years of retail planning and product design experience, all rolled up into one modern design collaboration platform.

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Product Development

Transparency at Heart

Streamline Product Design and Development

Unify and strengthen your product design and development processes by managing all tasks on one single platform.

  • Material sourcing

  • Dynamic Line planning

  • Sophisticated tech pack management

  • Quality assurance

  • Supplier management

  • Integrated with Aptean end-to-end merchandise planning

Collaborate at Every Step

Minimise development mistakes and maximise your speed to market with powerful collaboration tools that keep your planners, buyers, merchandisers, designers, logistics and external suppliers connected.

  • Complete product lifecycle collaboration

  • Centralised, unified view of a single source of truth

  • Share sketches, colors, size specs, bill of materials and samples

  • Costing simulations developed hand in hand with supply chain vendors

  • 3d visualisation and collaboration tools to reduce samples

Green is the New Black

Meet increased consumer demands for environmental impact transparency and accountability by designing sustainable collections.

  • Set sustainability goals at the collection kick-off

  • Align to industry-recognised environmental standards

  • Quantify products and collections with calculated sustainability values

  • Localised compliance benchmarks

Responsible Sourcing

Ensure responsible sourcing penetrates your entire supply chain protecting work forces and enforcing your brand values.

  • Map your supply chain network for complete visibility

  • Develop robust supply chains

  • Minimise sourcing risks

One Data Warehouse. One Solution. Native Integrations.

With Aptean Retail Planning, you receive a foundation with deep experience that's embedded into the platform in the form of best practices gleaned from over three decades in the planning business.

With our modular retail planning platform, you will also experience:

  • Right Experience for the Right User

Combine data and visuals with science and art to get experiences tailored to each user—planner, analyst or merchant.

  • Adaptability through Personalisation

A powerful authoring environment adapts to specific customer needs through personalised views, layouts and KPI computations.

  • Best-Suited Data Models

Both Online Analytical Processing for complex multidimensional analysis and purpose-built In-Memory data models deliver speed and flexibility for all planning requirements.

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