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Optimise Routes in Minutes With Advanced Routing Software

Logistics is a complex and nuanced practice. Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition automates route planning, saving your staff time and minimising costs for fuel and vehicle repairs.

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Optimise Route Planning.

Reduce Costs.

Deliver Exceptional Service.

Reduce Transport Costs

Cut route planning costs up to 30% by maximising vehicle utilisation, increasing jobs per vehicle, reducing miles per drop, multi-tripping and utilising back haul capability. Whether you have a single depot, multiple depots, same day or multi-day routes, our software helps you reduce transportation costs.

Plan Better Routes in Minutes

Replace manual processes or legacy planning tools with smart algorithms that create robust, optimised plans in less time. Our powerful feature set tackles even the most complex of planning scenarios and provides simple functionality allowing planners to quickly fine-tune for last minute changes.

Achieve Continuous Improvement

Interface your vehicle telematics solution with Aptean Routing & Scheduling or use our own proof of delivery software to allow real-time planned versus actual journey analysis, allowing you to analyse discrepancies and continuously improve route plans. In addition, strategic planning capabilities allow you to model what-if scenarios and identify strategic improvements to operations, territory coverage or transportation infrastructure.

Shape Transport Demand

Our real-time routing engine continuously optimises plans as orders come in, allowing you to consider capacity management and efficiency at the point of sale. You now have the chance to influence the customers' choice of delivery slot to suit your requirements and set a delivery expectation that you can achieve. This allows you to shape the demand on your transport operation, enhancing your service offering and minimising costs.

It's Time to Supercharge Your Route Planning Process

You're facing more complex transportation challenges than ever.

Ever-increasing customer expectations, tighter service levels, rising fleet costs, road congestion, changing regulations and environmental restrictions—planners today have much more to consider and less time to do so.

Enter Aptean Routing & Scheduling. Forged from decades of industry experience, our route planning software offers powerful tools, automation and proprietary algorithms to help you master your supply chain challenges.

With optimised plans, reduced fleet costs and opportunities to elevate your customer proposition, our solutions help you achieve measurable benefits straight out the gate.

See how much you could save
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Route Planning Features

That Drive Measurable


Automated Routing

Our advanced route optimisation algorithms help you solve a wide array of routing scenarios from fixed pre-seeded delivery routes, to complex multi-depot, multi-skilled operations. Feature-rich configuration allows you to tailor results to match your specific operational requirements.

Resource Managed Planning

Innovative resource management functionality ensures plans are based on actual driver and vehicle availability at an individual level. This ensures routes are as accurate as possible and dispatch teams are able to focus on getting drivers out the door on time.

Integrated Fleets

With Aptean Routing and Scheduling you can plan vehicle resources across multiple sites as a single integrated transportation resource. Our system allows for the movement of goods between sites and the utilisation of capacities during vehicle backhaul to maximise efficiency.

Reporting and Analytics

Aptean Routing & Scheduling software incorporates comprehensive business intelligence functionality allowing you to produce robust and customisable reports that help identify meaningful trends and support continuous improvement.

Live Execution Tracking

Automatically compare real-time data from your telematics system against your route plans to monitor real-time progress, highlight exceptions and offer updated ETAs to customers. You can even provide your business customers with arrivals boards for operational activity planning.

Strategic Scenario Modeling

Make informed strategic decisions by modeling the impact of multiple "what-if" scenarios, such as identifying additional resource requirements during peak, flexing your driver shift start times or considering warehouse and depot locations.

Customisable Routing Rules

Allow your planners to incorporate their local knowledge into your final route plans; for example, to accommodate preferred bridges or areas affected heavily by rush hour. With our route planning software, you’re able to set up rules, edit maps and configure zones to reflect your specific requirements.

Dynamic Tripping

When operating with multi-trip routes, exceptions or delays can have significant effects as trailers wait for late-running drivers to return. Our Dynamic Tripping module proactively identifies changing conditions and automatically re-allocates loads if needed as the day progresses.

Territory Optimiser

Our Territory Optimiser module gives you the ability to divide coverage into compact service regions or territories to balance workload. This is ideal if you need to serve different areas on different days of the week or want to designate regular drivers to specific territories.

Waypoint Mapping

The efforts put into producing any optimised vehicle route plan are wasted if the driver decides to ignore the plan in favor of their own preference or navigation system. Waypoint Mapping prevents this by feeding the plan into the driver's or vehicle navigation system, providing turn by turn instructions that match the planned route.

Real-Time Optimisation

Our continuous optimisation system allows you to use our advanced routing algorithms in real-time. This means you can be confident that only feasible delivery options are offered to your customers and can influence the customer choice to increase drop density, drops per vehicle and ultimately your bottom line.

Multi Period Planner

Manage and plan the distribution of goods over multiple day periods. Support for acceptable delivery day patterns, delivery frequencies and balancing to achieve distributed workloads is also enabled by our system. These features allow you to meet retail distribution profiles that may require graduation through the week and even support clustering of deliveries geographically to maximise efficiencies.

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