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KPMG and Aptean Respond

KPMG and Aptean Respond


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KPMG and Aptean Respond

Mar 1, 2021

Aptean Staff Writer

KPMG and Aptean

We are proud to partner with KPMG, who provide global insights into the industries Aptean Respond serves. KPMG has a strong network of technology, data and services companies, which offers a large global reach and the ability to solve technology challenges.

Through the use of their KPMG Managed Services delivery model, they can take and run complaint handling operations from their global delivery centers using Aptean Respond's complaints management technology. This enables them to deliver a seamless but complaint and auditable, end to end customer resolution solution.

By allying ourselves with KPMG, Aptean Respond combines knowledge of complaint handling technology with KPMG's customer and operational expertise.

KPMG with Aptean Respond

Drive Efficiency

The complaints management solution offers customizable workflows, templates and escalation paths to help manage workloads and resolve complaints quickly.

Enhance Visibility

Aptean Respond's customizable dashboard gives at-a-glance visibility into outstanding tasks and performance metrics with risk-based quality assurance tools, along with root cause analysis to spot trends and identify themes from complaints.

Manage Complex Complaints

KPMG subject matter experts can help to deliver complex complaints investigation, while Aptean Respond is purpose-built to manage the nuances of complex complaints, which may require specialized processes and collaboration across multiple touchpoints to solve.

Tailored to your Requirements

Aptean Respond can bring a number of additional capabilities including a vulnerable customer module to support the identification and treatment of vulnerable customers throughout the complaints lifecycle. Survey, which allows you to create an engaging, targeted customer survey to track and analyze feedback within complaints data, and Social, which allows for monitoring of accounts and sentiment analysis, without leaving Aptean Respond.

Achieving Customer Service Excellence with Aptean Respond

In this eBook, you will learn about the success organizations like yours have had when using Aptean Respond for their complaint and case management.

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