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10 Advantages to Shop Floor Control

10 Advantages to Shop Floor Control


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10 Advantages to Shop Floor Control

3 Oct 2018

Aptean Staff Writer
Many people working on sewing machines in a factory.

Today’s price-sensitive and time-compressed global business environment is more competitive than ever.

Brand and contract manufacturers of everything from fashion apparel to industrial sewn products face constant pressure to reduce costs, improve quality and speed deliveries. With little room for errors and delays, they must constantly stay on top of the status of each order, individual and team productivity, and any off-standard events can make the difference between on-time delivery and chargebacks; profit and loss.

By removing traditional infrastructure requirements and adopting Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for the factory floor, our shop floor control software puts real-time plant floor management within the reach of a broader range of manufacturers than ever before.

Key Advantages of Shop Floor Control

  1. Increase Productivity & Efficiency

  2. Improve Visibility & Control

  3. Manage Costs and Quality

  4. Reduce Absenteeism

  5. Quality Control

  6. Real-Time Data Collection

  7. Time/Attendance/Payroll

  8. Plant Floor Visibility & Control

  9. Worker Performance Feedback

  10. Off-Standard Time Accounting

This real-time manufacturing solution leverages an innovative Android™ app, management dashboard, and off-the-shelf tablets running on Wi-Fi networking to collect production data and empower workers, supervisors and managers with up to the minute production visibility and control. Aptean's shop floor control software changes the game by eliminating the traditional requirements for proprietary hardware, wired network infrastructure and complex software tools.

Our shop floor control software simplifies the deployment, use and maintenance of shop floor control while delivering all the many proven benefits of shop floor control to drive a record-fast return on investment.

Contact us today, or schedule a demo of one of our solutions or learn more about the best practices we use in software implementation.

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