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Aptean CRM - Lead Scoring

Aptean CRM - Lead Scoring


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Aptean CRM - Lead Scoring

12 Févr 2020

Aptean Staff Writer

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It can be challenging to determine which prospective customers are most interested and therefore most likely to purchase your products or services. All too often, salespeople wind up focusing too many resources on leads who are not ready or unlikely to convert, while spending too little time and energy on the very best opportunities. That’s where lead qualification, and specifically, lead scoring comes into play. With Aptean CRM software lead scoring, you can attach values to your leads in order to determine their level of interest. Then you can use that information to focus your attention on the hottest opportunities.

  • Rank prospects. Rank prospects against a scale representing their perceived value.

  • Prioritize Efforts. Prioritize your efforts to focus your resources on the best opportunities.

  • Deliver Better Leads. Forward the best leads to your sales team while others are nurtured until they are ready.

Increase Qualified Leads with Lead Scoring

How Does Aptean CRM Lead Scoring Work?

Lead scoring is an automated methodology for ranking prospective customers against a scale that represents the perceived value of each lead. With Aptean CRM lead scoring, you can attach values to your leads based on information they provide (geographic location, industry, job title and company size), behavior they exhibit on your website (web page visits, content downloads, etc.) and even email marketing behaviors such as email opens, clicks and unsubscribes. The scale is determined by your business and based on the characteristics or behaviors of your unique target market.

Locate Your First Class Leads

You can use Aptean CRM tools like web visitor tracking to help track your prospect’s behavior on your website and landing page integration to help gather personal information from your leads. By tracking these behaviors and characteristics, you can then use our lead scoring application to help determine their level of interest. Only then can you begin focusing your resources on the very best opportunities.

Deliver Quality Leads

After Aptean CRM establishes a score for your leads, each score goes into the profile of your lead so you can determine which leads should be given greater priority. Automating the lead qualification process helps ensure quality leads receive proper attention immediately, while others are nurtured until they are ready.

Refine Leads Over Time

Aptean CRM software automatically refines leads over time, so each action a qualified leads takes automatically triggers a change in their score. This means you’ll know the standing of a lead at any given moment in time.

The Foundation of a Lead Generation Strategy

If you’re dealing with more leads than you can properly handle, lead scoring forms the basis for a successful lead generation operation. It can help your sales and marketing team define a qualified lead and determine what the appropriate next steps should be.

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