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Cloud-Based Software

Future-proof your business and unlock smoother growth, advanced security measures and more operational flexibility than ever before—all with cloud-based solutions from Aptean.

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Better Security.

Supercharged Flexibility. 

Increased Predictability.

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Kickstart Digital Transformation With Cloud ERP

Whether you’re just embarking on your digital transformation (DX) journey, or you’re already on the road to future-proofing your business, one thing is certain – you need a solid foundation to ensure success.

That’s where cloud ERP software comes in. By swapping your on-premise solution to a cloud-first enterprise resource planning platform, you get all the traditional benefits of ERP, plus the increased accessibility and visibility, enhanced security and supercharged agility that legacy systems simply cannot offer. Explore our industry-specific, cloud-based ERP solutions to see what more you could achieve:

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Boost Performance With Cloud-Based Solution Suite

There's no set formula for the perfect digital transformation strategy. No matter your starting point—whether it’s a cloud ERP, route optimization software or an OEE system—selecting a vendor that offers a full suite of cloud-first solutions helps you build a roadmap to suit the needs and pace of your business.

Here at Aptean, we pride ourselves on being a by-your-side partner, offering guidance, expertise and advanced solutions for whatever stage of the journey you’re at. From electronic data interchange (EDI) and automated payment processing to business intelligence (BI) and customer relationship management (CRM), with our cloud software solutions you’ll unlock significant day-one benefits while accelerating your future success.

All of this comes with straightforward integrations and support from our team of experts—ensuring you’re free to focus on growing your business.

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The Time for Cloud Is Now

Cloud software isn’t the new kid on the block, but with rising costs, increasingly complex supply chains and skill shortages across most industries, it’s more critical than ever to your success. Implement a cloud ERP system and complementary solutions to unlock a host of benefits:

  • Remove the expense and maintenance associated with on-premise deployment

  • Improve security, increase availability and ensure business continuity

  • Boost operational efficiency and increase productivity with company-wide visibility

  • Scale quickly to remain agile in the face of changing demands and support business growth

By choosing Aptean for your cloud-based software needs, you’re able to leverage a range of solutions designed to solve your operational challenges and backed by the technical expertise and industry experience of our team. Are you ready to future-proof your business?

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Power Your Growth With

Aptean Cloud Software

Advanced Security Features

Aptean’s cloud-based solutions offer a secure online environment using advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, geo-fencing and intrusion detection.

Proactive security measures pressure test your system by engaging in end-to-end penetration testing, ensuring everything is protected with the most up-to-date policies and alerting you to any vulnerabilities.

Scaling Made Simple

Scaling up in the cloud to match your growth is a simple and straightforward process; there’s no expensive hardware purchases to make and no data center upgrade expenses to manage.

Our cloud environment provides you with the flexibility to make quick changes to the number of users, system permissions and other backend barriers you’ll face when growing and expanding.

Smooth Solution Integrations

To get the most out of your cloud systems and power your company-wide digital transformation, each solution must be in sync.

That’s why we’ve ensured Iintegrations to other software via APIs can be done quickly and easily, limiting the amount of downtime you’ll experience.

Enable Better Flexibility

The costs to maintain your data are defined upfront, easily predictable and match exactly what you use; no more overpaying for capacity that you don’t need in that moment.

Downtime for updates and bug fixes is significantly reduced, giving you easy access to the latest and greatest version.

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Go Beyond ERP:

Cloud Solutions

To Suit Your Needs

Wherever you're starting out, cloud-enabled integrations extend the capabilities of your Aptean ERP. All our cloud solutions offer improved productivity with unparalleled security.
Aptean TMS
Gain full visibility of your transportation operations while reducing costs, improving efficiencies and boosting service with our TMS solutions.
Aptean EAM
Maximize asset performance with comprehensive preventative maintenance functionality and control costs by aligning purchasing with business goals.
Aptean OEE
Aptean Pay
Aptean EDI
Aptean Ship
Aptean Business Intelligence
Aptean CRM

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