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Ready for Increased Operational Efficiency

Overcome the fashion and apparel industry’s unique challenges with Aptean Apparel ERP RLM Edition, a fully-integrated business system that helps you improve your profit margin and stay ahead of your competition.

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Concept-to-Consumer Solutions Designed With Your Business in Mind

Solve Your Unique Fashion Industry Challenges

Ready out of the box, Aptean Apparel ERP is designed to handle the unique challenges of the fashion and apparel industry enabling fashion and sewn-products companies to unleash their full potential by accelerating performance across the entire company as well as the global supply chain. Unlike non-industry specific ERP software, our solution does not need complex customizations to fit your requirements. Run your business faster, efficiently and cost-effectively under one unified system that integrates all your supply chain operations.

Master Omnichannel Fulfillment

Managing many channels and a wide range of products is not unusual for a brand, but mastering it is a challenge. Our ERP can efficiently handle fulfillment through various channels including wholesale orders from retailers, consumer orders from retail customer websites and online marketplaces and more. With built in integrations to major eCommerce solutions such as Shopify and Magento and marketplaces like Amazon and FarFetch, you can streamline the fulfillment and distribution of orders from various selling channels and bring product to market faster.

Efficiently Manage Your Business Operations

Aptean Apparel ERP comes with everything you need to run your business and connects your key business processes including product design and development, sales order processing, inventory management, production planning, shipping documentation and financial reporting; allowing you to eliminate data siloes and efficiently manage your entire business.

Make Informed Decisions, Faster

Have all the information you need—whether it’s KPI reports or sales dashboards—to make smarter, more informed decisions. Access over 100 out of the box reports pre-built for the fashion industry. Our style-based system simplifies the management of your products by allowing you to process real-time data at both macro and micro levels, equipping you with the information you need to make critical decisions, faster. Reach out today to learn more.

“The move to Aptean Apparel ERP gave us fully integrated ERP, PLM, WMS, EDI Translator and Financials all in a single package that is designed exclusively for the fashion business. We are particularly pleased with the depth of capabilities the system gave us for managing our raw materials, omni-channel inventory and fulfillment, and financials.”

Gina ChangHead of FinanceTibi

Success Story

Sail to Sable Turns the Tide with Integrated ERP System

After reaching a tipping point with a series of business and operational challenges, Sail to Sable turned to Aptean Apparel ERP RLM Edition. Since deployment, it’s been smooth sailing and steady omnichannel growth for this leading resort wear brand.

Automation gave Sail to Sable the ability to devote more time to strategic planning and other important priorities without being wrapped up in manual tasks.

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Transform Your Fashion and Apparel Business with Aptean Apparel ERP

Inventory and Warehouse Management

The built-in warehouse management system (WMS) module allows you to reduce inventory levels, prevent stock outs and efficiently allocate inventory to sales orders to maximize order fulfillment.

  • Optimize warehouse operations with real-time data on inventory location, quantity and received goods.

  • Greatly enhance shipping accuracy across all warehouse channels and operations with scan and pack and integrations with third party logistics.

  • Two-way functionality for all warehouse and shipping related transactions via built-in electronic data interchange (EDI)

Financial Reporting

Our fully integrated financial reporting module allows you to access all your financial data in a central location, eliminating all data siloes.

  • Minimize manual data entry errors with automated posting of sales and cost of goods sold.

  • Reduce the time spent on searching discrepancies with automated identification of any out-of-balance general ledger conditions.

  • Take your business to the next level and start closing your books in record time with our integrated financial reporting module.

Design and Development

Bring your product to market faster with our fully-integrated product lifecycle management (PLM) module. Improve collaboration between your teams and vendors to achieve alignment on critical product design and development decisions.

Our PLM module maintains all your important product information, tech pack and product cost information in a single, secure and accessible location so your design team can focus on developing innovative and creative products.

Purchasing and Production Management

Optimize your purchasing and production planning with accurate and real-time data on raw material and finished goods availability and lead times for both purchase orders and production.

Detailed production cost views allow you to better understand your profit margin makeup and help you take the right steps to improve your bottom line.

Sales Order Management

Streamline order-to-cash process with real-time data on bookings, sales, on hand inventory and work-in-progress for all channels. Ensure on-time shipments and improve customer service by keeping your customers up-to-date on their order status.

Ecommerce Integration

Scale your business with B2B and B2C integrations. APIs allow you to easily bridge the gap between multi-channel operations with our fashion-ready, apparel specific ERP solution to achieve a fully integrated omnichannel network.

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