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Direct to Consumer Shipping and Fulfillment

Direct to Consumer Shipping and Fulfillment

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Direct to Consumer Shipping and Fulfillment

15 März 2021


The traditional retail fulfillment model used to be simple. Consumer goods distributors shipped pallets directly to retailers. Now, with online shopping and e-commerce, consumers can easily order items online and receive that shipment in as soon as a day or two. Distributors must leverage direct-to-consumer, or DTC, to ship products directly to the end consumer while keeping up with demand and volume.

This includes fulfilling and shipping individual orders from retailers' websites and e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon and Wayfair. While essential, DTC creates more complex operations for distributors. An enterprise resource planning solution, purpose-built for the consumer goods industry, can help with these evolving DTC challenges and processes.

Aptean Distribution ERP includes all the built-in functionality you need to improve and streamline your DTC operations. Our all-in-one ERP solution provides:

Today's consumer demands require a more complex fulfillment model. At Aptean, it's our goal to simplify your complicated processes so you can focus on cultivating and growing your business.

To find out how Aptean can streamline your DTC operations, contact us today.

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