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Ready for CCPA Compliance Management

As focus on privacy laws increases, it’s time to ensure you have watertight compliance.

Enter Aptean Respond—helping you respond to CCPA rights requests efficiently and professionally.

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Ensure You’re Ready to Fulfill Your CCPA Requirements

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulates how you handle the personal information of California residents, applying to any company that collects or plays a part in processing this data, if:

  • It sells the personal information of more than 50,000 Californian residents per annum,

  • Its gross annual revenue is more than $25 million,

  • It derives more than 50% of its annual revenue from selling the personal information of California residents.

With possible fines of $7,500 per violation, and $750 per affected user, it's critical to set up the right systems and processes to guarantee best practice and adherence.

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Aptean Respond
Aptean Respond facilitates the efficient management of CCPA consumer rights requests—ensuring you fulfill your CCPA requirements as well as your obligations to consumers.
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CCPA Compliance Made Easy with Aptean Respond

  • Single, centralized system to identify, log, manage, and process all CCPA rights requests

  • Business-wide alignment and consistency for managing requests

  • Automated, and intuitive workflows to expedite rights requests and minimize human error

  • Integration of line of business systems

  • Capable of handling multiple communication channels

  • Comprehensive governance and timeline reporting

  • In-depth search and report capabilities for transparent auditability

  • User-friendly configuration management toolkit enabling you to add or modify case types and associated workflows

Aptean Respond Complaints Management System

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