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Ready for CFPB Compliance Management

As focus on privacy laws increases, you must be ready to meet regulatory requirements.

Enter Aptean Respond—helping you adhere to CFPB rules and leverage customer feedback to drive improvements.

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Ensure You’re Ready to Fulfill Your CFPB Requirements

Born out of the Dodd Frank Act as part of new efforts to re-regulate financial services markets in the US, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) oversees financial products and services that are offered to US consumers. One area of its jurisdiction involves examining the complaint resolution processes, as well as acting as complaints ombudsman. All with the aim of ensuring consistency, fairness and best practice when it comes to complaint management.

To ensure CFPB compliance, you must put in place the right tools and processes to record, categorize and actively address every complaint you receive.

We’ve designed Aptean Respond to help you fulfil CFPB requirements, while empowering your entire team to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

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Aptean Respond
Get the tools you need to nurture long-term customer relationships while driving operational excellence with Aptean Respond.
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CFPB Compliance Made Easy with Aptean Respond

  • Single, unified complaint management system spanning the entire complaint life cycle

  • Multi-channel complaint capture

  • Real-time quality assurance

  • Comprehensive complaint monitoring, tracking and reporting

  • Increased visibility and transparency into customer complaints and feedback for in-depth, actionable insights

  • Improved speed to resolution

  • Root cause analysis, helping to identify and resolve systemic issues

Aptean Respond Complaints Management System

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Start transforming your regulatory compliance

If you’re ready to take your financial services business to the next level, we’d love to help.

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