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Tailored Process Manufacturing Industry Software

Upgrade your operations with a full ecosystem of process manufacturing software from one trusted provider. Improve formula management, lot tracking, regulatory compliance and more with a full set of specialized tools.

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Your Industry Segment

Each industry has its own unique challenges. So, you need a seasoned software provider with deep expertise and years of experience in your market.

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We work in many segments across the process manufacturing industry. Tell us your needs, and we’ll create the solution for you!
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Process Manufacturing

Software Solutions

In complex and regulated environments, you require industry-specific process manufacturing software that improves efficiency and provides real-time information to elevate your performance.
Process Manufacturing ERP
Increase inventory visibility, streamline production processes and comply with traceability requirements to build a solid foundation for your growth.
Process Manufacturing OEE
Connect your equipment and use real-time production information to analyze, control and improve availability, performance and quality output.
Process Manufacturing PLM
Aptean Pay
Aptean EDI

Success Story

Hammond Group, Inc. Improves Productivity and Reduces Cost with Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP

Hammond Group, Inc., a global specialty chemical company focused on serving the world's battery industry, significantly reduced costs while improving product quality and customer service using Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP.

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Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP
Choosing a process manufacturing ERP that solves your unique requirements out of the box means you don’t have to worry about costly customizations or complicated implementations.
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Master the challenges of your industry with solutions tailored to your needs

Want to elevate your operations? A one-size-fits-all solution just won’t cut it. That’s why our process manufacturing software is built with the features and functionality to solve your challenges.

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Formula and Recipe Management

Develop and maintain formulas and recipes - including physical property, versions and revisions, production notes, setup instructions and quality control tests - in a single solution with critical information at your fingertips.

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Lot Traceability

Being ready for a product recall is a necessity. Instantly see lot number genealogy of all raw materials, intermediates and finished goods from receipt through final shipped sales orders and back again.

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Material Requirements Planning

Integrated MRP functionality provides efficient and effective use of resources by factoring in all the supply, demand and forecasted requirements of your business. Maximize your efficiency through planning production and purchasing processes.

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Quality and Compliance

You manufacture a complex product to a high standard. Ensuring quality through testing, recording and complying with regulatory bodies is essential. That’s why we designed our quality and compliance capabilities to fit your operation from day one.

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Research and Development

Leverage our ERP to develop innovative products, test new formulations and remain competitive. Eliminate dual data-entry by managing product development in one system, with easy options to convert formulas to live production.

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Production Scheduling

Simplify production scheduling with automated schedule generation, color coding for work order status, and drag and drop rescheduling. Ditch the whiteboards and let the solution automate and optimize your warehouse.

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Ready to start transforming your business?

We’ve got the specialized ERP solutions you need to conquer your industry challenges.

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