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Aptean Distribution ERP - Product Lifecycle Management

Aptean Distribution ERP - Product Lifecycle Management


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Aptean Distribution ERP - Product Lifecycle Management

23 Mar 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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Integrated PLM functionality is critical for consumer goods companies. Aptean Distribution ERP PLM is designed to help consumer goods manufacturers, designers, and brand managers maintain control over a product's entire lifecycle from concept through sale to your retailer customers.

The Aptean Distribution ERP PLM tool is integrated with our ERP solution to give you 360° visibility on product development, production and sales performance. With Aptean Distribution ERP, you can track product specs, costs, suppliers, workflows, deadlines, sales, and more. We eliminate the need for third-party PLM systems. And full integration within Aptean Distribution ERP means you won't have to manually move product specs and designs from one system to another.

Aptean Distribution ERP PLM helps you improve collaboration and streamline workflows. Our solution enables you to manage workflows for individual users and teams, to ensure product development stays on task and on time. Configurable workflows within Aptean Distribution ERP enable you to choose task functions, priority level, and team assignment. And workflows can be set up based on your unique rules for suppliers, products, and factories. Alerts within Aptean Distribution ERP notify users whenever a task is created, updated, or requires attention, to ensure projects are completed on time.

Our integrated PLM contains product development tracking to give you detailed insight into how products change over time. Aptean Distribution ERP enables you to archive and easily retrieve design specs. And our easy-to-use graphical user interface and intuitive drag-and-drop tools make assigning teams, rules, workflows and more, as effortless as possible.

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