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Aptean Respond Summer Release 2022 – The Latest Edition of Aptean's Complaint Management System

Aptean Respond Summer Release 2022 – The Latest Edition of Aptean's Complaint Management System


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Aptean Respond Summer Release 2022 – The Latest Edition of Aptean's Complaint Management System

14 Oct 2022

Jack Jones

Blog Post

  • Accelerate your customer journey. Elevate your customer experience. Improve customer satisfaction with Aptean Respond Summer 2022.
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Did you know 80% of customers are retained when their complaints are resolved within first 2 days?

At Aptean, we strive to continuously improve our solutions, taking on board your feedback and combining it with our innovation, expertise and experience to create agile and effective complaint management solutions that enhance how you manage complaints.

This month, we announced our Aptean Respond Summer ’22 release, the latest version of our award-winning complaint management solution. Featuring a raft of new features and functionalities—including model cases, smart suggestions, SMS enhancements and confirmation messages—the Summer ’22 release delivers the tools to improve the customer experience while speeding up time to resolution and achieving better outcomes.

Leverage Insights From Past Successes With Model Cases for Faster and Consistent Outcomes

When it comes to instilling best practices amongst complaint handlers—resulting in better, faster complaint outcomes—the ability to draw on model complaints is very useful. New functionality that’s part of Aptean Respond’s Summer ’22 release provides a handy tool that recommends model cases which are like the complaint being dealt with, configuring search parameters such as complaint type and product type, to deliver a list of model complaints to compare with current open complaints.

This access to model cases can help to guide the complaint handler to the next course of action, perhaps reaffirming their initial thoughts, or maybe even causing them to pause to reconsider the next best steps to take. Model cases also speed up complaint handling, as complaint handlers do not need to redo investigations. They can see what was done in the past and quickly move to the next step and determine the appropriate outcome.

With regards to the model cases themselves, it’s possible to add notes and comments to these, highlighting what makes it such a "model" case. Did it have a good outcome? Did it produce a good customer survey result? Which parts of this complaint make it a model complaint? This helps case and complaint handlers to refine their searches for model cases further still.

That’s not to say that this access to model cases is the right fit for everyone. For organizations that do not wish to present actual model cases to case handlers, smart suggestions can be used to highlight aggregated insights instead.

Screenshot of Model Cases
New feature screenshot: Model Cases

Have the Right Answers at Your Fingertips With Smart Suggestions

In a similar vein to model cases, the smart suggestions functionality helps guide your complaint handlers to the optimum next steps to take in a complaint journey. Aptean Respond will proactively make recommendations throughout the customer journey, serving case handlers the answers they need.

This functionality is useful when trying to remove the triage complaint stage, for example. Smart suggestions can help speed up the complaint resolution process by highlighting how similar cases have been resolved in the past, allowing case handlers to bypass the complaints triage stage and directly go the appropriate team.

Outlier redress payments can be a costly mistake. With smart suggestions, you can guide your case handlers to more consistent outcomes; by looking into what levels of redress other customers with similar complaints were awarded, your complaint handlers can ensure more consistency of redress, using the proactive smart suggestions to help guide their decisions.

Ultimately, smart suggestions represent an opportunity to double-check decisions providing that additional pause for thought that can be so valuable when pursuing timely yet effective outcomes.

Screenshot of Smart Suggestions
New feature screenshot: Smart Suggestions

Enhanced Automation of SMS Communication

We’ve also made some SMS enhancements in the Summer ’22 release. It’s now possible to dynamically sign off SMS communications to customers, personalizing the message. When configuring SMS templates, users simply must add their choice of current user or current user group placeholder, which will then automatically add the correct details to the SMS. A small but valuable change as we know the importance that our customers and their customers place on ensuring a truly personalized end-to-end customer complaint experience.

Have Confidence in Your Processes With Confirmation Messages

Adding to the "pause for thought" capability that smart suggestions can provide, is the new confirmation message functionality we’ve included. Customers were reporting that some users were rushing through and forgetting to send vital correspondence, meaning communications would sit as a draft until an exception report highlighted that it hadn’t been sent. While case handlers are amazing people helping customers in difficult times, case handlers are people too and can miss clicking "send" (who hasn’t done this before?)

This new optional confirmation message helps to ensure that users aren’t forgetting to send correspondence, with the addition of a confirm button providing an extra level of assurance when it comes to sending out correspondence via letter, SMS or email, rather than just proceeding to continue. This delivers that all-important prompt to double-check information, next steps and ensuring communications are right the first time and helping to achieve timely customer updates at all stages of the complaint journey.

We hope you share in our excitement for the new features in the latest edition of our complaint management system. For more information on how Aptean Respond can help you to deliver complaint management excellence for your banking, consumer credit and insurance organization, contact us today.

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