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Complaints Management Software: 11 Stats To Grab Your CEO’s Attention

Complaints Management Software: 11 Stats To Grab Your CEO’s Attention


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Complaints Management Software: 11 Stats To Grab Your CEO’s Attention

5 Jun 2024

Adam Dance
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It's frustrating when you know complaints management software could make your job easier, but it’s not a priority investment for your senior leaders.

If only you could share compelling statistics that prove how much time and money you can save, and how much risk you can remove, with technology like Aptean Respond.

To help you build your business case for onboarding new complaints handling software, here are several statistics that will grab the attention of your CEO and other decision-makers.

£1.8 Million: Money Saved by Aptean Respond Users

By making the complaints management process more efficient, your company can significantly reduce customer service costs.

Aptean Respond enables you to design fair, transparent case management processes that resolve complaints in less time. You can set your own rules to define workflows, create escalation paths and automate processes.

£340,000: Money Saved by Increasing First Point of Contact Resolutions

Giving customer service agents better data and processes enables them to “nip more complaints in the bud”.

In fact, Aptean Respond users report that 26% of complaints are resolved at the first point of contact.

Aptean Respond’s Case Agent module gives frontline staff an intuitive interface to deliver consistent responses to complaints, compliments and enquiries. They can refer to past decisions to reduce referrals, but automatically escalate cases where needed.

£160,000: Potential Reduction in Overheads

Complete data visibility and streamlined processes also increase the productivity of your complaints handling team, so you don’t need to add more staff.

Aptean Respond uses automated workflows and smart data capture to help case handlers and team leaders navigate customer interactions from first point of contact to resolution.

“Increased automation across all areas of the end-to-end customer complaint journey has led to major efficiency savings for us.”

John SculliChief Risk OfficerEric Insurance

9 Days: Average Reduction in Aptean Complaint Resolution Time

It’s not just financial savings that can make a huge difference to your business. Aptean Respond speeds up the complaints resolution process, saving you time and allowing your frontline staff to focus on the next task.

Our complaint handling software features automated workflows and historic data capture, which make it easy for your business to handle complaints at scale and refer to past decisions for consistent outcomes.

88%: Time Saved on Reporting

Tracking metrics is critical to success, but so much time gets wasted converting information into insights.

Aptean Respond users have been able to reduce reporting time from around 12 hours per week to just 1.5 hours.

Interactive dashboards and one-click reporting makes it quick and simple to share critical analytics with your colleagues. Plus, Aptean Respond allows you to search case data and view real-time metrics at-a-glance, including:

  • Active vs. resolved complaints

  • Average resolution time

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Root cause trends

87%: Reduction in Time Spent Capturing Data

One of the big differentiators between a generic CRM system and specialist complaints management software is the way data is captured and used. Rather than looking at information by customer, Aptean Respond centralises data for each case.

Our Case Agent module captures every case the same way and stores them in a single digital location for a definitive record of all your complaints. No more siloes, gaps or data duplication.

“Our FOS referral rate is down from 10% to just 2% and the 12-month rolling average FOS uphold rate is down from between 45-80% to 24%.”

Maria Vidlerformer Group Head of ComplaintsMotoNovo Finance

92%: Reduction in FOS Referrals

Effective complaints management can limit your regulatory risk. Aptean Respond embeds rules and requirements into your complaints workflow, reducing Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) referrals.

Our software includes industry-specific templates to help your business stay compliant with current regulations including:

  • FCA Dispute Resolution (DISP)

  • Consumer Duty

  • GDPR

  • The Complaint Handling Code

47%: Reduction in FOS Upheld Complaints

In the event your complaints do get referred to the regulator, Aptean Respond ensures you’ve kept detailed case records, so you’re always audit-ready.

99%: Complaints Resolved Within the FCA’s Time Frame

Another advantage of being audit-ready is a quicker investigation process.

Many Aptean Respond users say nearly all their complaints are resolved within the FCA’s eight-week time frame—no more long, drawn out enquiries.

“Aptean Respond has impacted our open formal complaint volumes immensely, reducing them by 40%.

Jenny BriarsHead of ComplaintsLV=

75%: Reduction in Active Complaints

As we discussed in a recent blog post, prevention is better than cure. It’s important to deal with complaints efficiently, but the best outcome is to receive fewer complaints in the first place.

Aptean Respond’s user-friendly dashboards and reporting tools enable you to identify the root cause of complaints, lowering active cases.

42%: Reduction in Formal Complaints

Aptean Respond can also help you process and analyse feedback. Customers feel listened to, so they’re less likely to log a formal complaint.

For example, our add-on Survey capability gathers valuable customer data by attaching contextualised feedback surveys to each case and analysing the results within your case management platform.

We can also help you build self-serve online contact forms that channel customer feedback directly into your case management system for teams to pick up and pursue.

Create Your Business Case for Complaints Management Software

We’ve shared some convincing statistics for onboarding complaints management software—how do you get your CEO to pay attention?

Download all 12 stats in an infographic to show them at-a-glance how much money, time and resources they can save.

Or set up a discovery call with the Aptean Respond team. Our experts would be happy to demonstrate how Aptean Respond streamlines, simplifies and speeds up complaints management.

Ready to start transforming your business compliance?

We’ve got the specialized solutions you need to conquer your industry's complaint management challenges.

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