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Driving Efficiency and Improving Visibility with ePOD Technology

Driving Efficiency and Improving Visibility with ePOD Technology


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Driving Efficiency and Improving Visibility with ePOD Technology

20 Jun 2023

Aptean Staff Writer
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Today's consumers have raised their expectations and seek quick and cost-effective delivery, while also expecting real-time tracking information to monitor their orders. From point of sale to delivery, if the experience isn’t convenient and doesn't meet the delivery promise date, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

It's important to understand that just one bad delivery can have a ripple effect, potentially resulting in multiple lost customers and decreased future revenue. PwC found that if an organization provides a poor customer experience, 17% of consumers will end their relationship with the company. Not only that, but 95% of dissatisfied consumers will share that bad experience with others.

But there's good news—an electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) system can help businesses by streamlining processes, improving data visibility and reducing inquiries.

Below are three primary benefits an ePOD solution provides that can help fleet operators and drivers improve the customer experience—and retention.

1. Streamlined Delivery Data Capture Processes to Drive Efficiency

By providing drivers with easy-to-use job data capture tools through an iOS or Android app, you can help drive efficiency within your operations. With the Aptean Proof of Delivery solution, drivers can easily record electronic signatures, take photos of deliveries, communicate with the distribution center regarding delivery exceptions (like an address that's not reachable) and review or leave notes for customers regarding their deliveries right from the app.

Using an ePOD system also eliminates the hassle of dealing with pen and paper manifests, resulting in improved productivity and increased assurance of compliance with higher documentation standards.

This streamlined approach to delivery not only drives efficiency by saving data entry time and reducing errors, but also has a significant impact on customer service which can ultimately lead to greater satisfaction and loyalty just by making the experience more convenient.

2. Robust Data Visibility to Keep Your Customers and Office in the Know

When the powerful benefit of real-time tracking capabilities within an ePOD solution meets the consumer demand for the ability to receive accurate and timely updates about their deliveries, a positive experience is created—as long as they can quickly and easily communicate with the delivery driver or central distribution center.

Advanced electronic proof of delivery applications with robust functionality can support the needs of any organization in any industry. For example, enhanced visibility provided by a proof of delivery solution is particularly important for food and beverage businesses whose products must be delivered within a timely manner.

Real-time tracking can benefit both customers and your business in two primary ways:

  1. Customers can track their deliveries using a dedicated tracking portal with a map view. This gives them a better understanding of when their delivery will arrive, reducing the likelihood of missed deliveries and unrealistic delivery expectations.

  2. The distribution center can track drivers against the delivery plan, giving them more visibility into delivery status and allowing issues to be addressed immediately. This can also help measure fleet efficiency and key performance indicators at the end of each day, leading to further improvements in operations. With real-time access to job data, the distribution center can also dictate specific data to be captured by drivers—such as the person’s name for which a delivery is left—to further strengthen the system and standardize processes.

Dreams, a UK bed retailer implemented Aptean’s proof of delivery tracking system and saw significant improvements in internal operations and customer service levels. Since implementation, the company has been able to reduce paper consumption in its operations by having recipients sign on handheld devices upon delivery, with the electronic receipt of delivery automatically sent back to the distribution center and customer.

The Dreams team was most excited that they are able to provide live track-and-trace and also use the system for dynamically updating customers on any delivery status changes. For Dreams, this means the organization will be able to help drive down touchpoints into its support team by empowering customers with visibility into what's happening with their order using the real-time tracking capability.

3. Improved Customer Service with Reduced Inquiries

A proof of delivery tracking system not only improves customer service, but also has a positive impact on business outcomes. With Aptean Proof of Delivery, when a driver logs a delivery exception or cannot find an item, the office is immediately alerted to start working with the customer. This quick resolution of delivery issues helps increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Moreover, setting expectations with customers on delivery times and providing real-time tracking information boosts satisfaction and reduces inbound inquiries to the customer service team. This means less time spent handling complaints and more time focused on improving the overall delivery experience—leading to increased retention and enhanced brand reputation.

The Proof Is in the Delivery

Implementing a proof of delivery tracking system can change the game for your logistics and operations business.

The benefits of the right ePOD system include streamlining your processes to ensure efficient deliveries, enabling real-time tracking to keep customers in the know and enhancing visibility to provide accurate, up-to-date information.

When choosing a delivery tracking system, it's important to consider not only its technical capabilities but its larger-scale impact on your business. When working in conjunction with a routing and scheduling solution, you have the tools you need to optimize all of your delivery operations while simultaneously providing a superior overall experience—and increased trust in your company to deliver.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to boost your service levels and streamline your delivery process with Aptean Proof of Delivery. Contact us today or reach out for a personalized demo.

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