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Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Supports a Tradition of Excellence and Innovation at Quality Harvest Foods

Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Supports a Tradition of Excellence and Innovation at Quality Harvest Foods


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Aptean Food & Beverage ERP Supports a Tradition of Excellence and Innovation at Quality Harvest Foods

9 Apr 2024

Aptean Staff Writer
Filled strudel products

Since its foundation in 1964, Quality Harvest Foods—originally known as Teeny Foods—has stood as a testament to the enduring values of quality and innovation in the food industry. The family-owned business has maintained a steadfast commitment to producing nutritious and delicious food products. The company’s journey reflects a dedication to not just preserving tradition but also embracing change to meet modern demands.

One of Quality Harvest Foods's flagship offerings and most popular treats, a strudel that caters to the nutritional needs and taste preferences of school-aged children, encapsulates the company's mission. It's a product that is "highly nutritious and delicious for kids," containing "51% whole grain flour, high protein content," and fillings that blend proteins with sugars to deliver both taste and nutritional value.

Bob Weaver, VP of finance at Quality Harvest Foods, shares, "Our business really took off with this handheld product, either a cheese-filled or a fruit-filled strudel, shipped frozen. The school lunch program really liked that...Our primary consumers of our handheld frozen products are kids in the K through 12 school districts."

Managing the scale of production that Quality Harvest Foods has achieved, producing about 4 million pounds of food a month, necessitates sophisticated operational solutions.

Weaver notes the critical role of technology in the business’s processes: "This type of volume requires us to use an ERP and MRP system like Aptean's, which helps us make sure that we have enough ingredients, schedule production well and also make sure that we produce the right quantities, the right products at the right quality levels, and track it from beginning to end."

The integration of an industry-specific food ERP has been instrumental in enabling Quality Harvest Foods to maintain compliance with FDA regulations, manage inventory effectively and ensure the delivery of high-quality products.

"We use the [system to] take inventory every day. And we reconcile that with a physical count. Sometimes we have to make adjustments, but it's been a real good benefit for us to use this system so we can track every day how we're progressing to meet customer demand," explains Weaver.

Quality Harvest Foods's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of the operation, from sourcing raw ingredients to getting the final product ready for distribution. The next phase of the business’s journey with Aptean will center on further enhancing quality control and reducing waste, underscoring the continuous pursuit of excellence that has characterized the company's growth.

Weaver's insights into the partnership between Quality Harvest Foods and Aptean highlight the significant impact of technology on modern food production. The business’s story is a compelling example of how traditional operations can evolve and thrive in today's dynamic market by leveraging purpose-built, innovative solutions.

For Quality Harvest Foods's full story and an in-depth look at the technology and processes behind the company’s success, watch the video featuring Weaver discussing his experiences and perspective with Aptean.

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