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Multi-Channel Buying and Merchandising

Multi-Channel Buying and Merchandising


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Multi-Channel Buying and Merchandising

24 May 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • Plan Your Merchandising More Effectively and Optimise Stock to Maximise Your Sales Potential
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Aptean buying and merchandising software can help retailers like you to manage stock holdings and associated replenishments more accurately, resulting in optimum stock holdings and minimal capital tied up in stock.

Covering planning, measurement of supplier performance, accurate forecasting and financial budgeting, the Aptean solution can drive the intake of merchandise to make sure stock availability matches planned sales as closely as possible on a continual basis.

Market Leading Solution

Authored by Aptean, a market leader in sector-specific retail ERP software with decades of multi-channel retail experience.

Monitor Supplier Performance

Measure the performance of suppliers in line with pre-defined tolerance levels, with a comprehensive record of all supplier activity.

Accurate Forecasting

Monitor product lead times, previous sales history, seasonal trends, uplift trends, supplier reliability and frequency of reordering along with current stock and open sales and purchase orders.

Optimise Stock Management

Automatic re-ordering of stock when levels reach critically low levels, ensuring stock is available to maximise sales opportunities.


Plan your merchandising more effectively with ‘Open to Buy’ and our Weekly Sales and Stock Intake (WSSI) report, providing guidance on how much stock to purchase, real-time updates and the flexibility to make adjustments in line with current performance for future stock ordering or marketing campaigns.


Improve Performance

With Aptean buying and merchandising software, you can:

  • Set financial restrictions to make sure that your company will not be exposed to a stock level greater than planned

  • Create a flexible financial budget for the entire season

  • Produce accurate reports which assist in the forward purchasing of stock

  • Ensure that a sufficient amount of stock is available at the right time to maximise sales potential

  • Accurately plan merchandising to make sure stock availability matches planned sales as closely as possible, whilst ensuring that the planned closing stock levels for the end of a period are not exceeded


Protect your finances and maximise sales potential with Aptean buying and merchandising software. Create a financial budget (Open to Buy) for the entire season and check progress with real-time updates to make sure stock levels match expected performance using the (WSSI) Weekly Stock and Sales Intake reporting tools.

Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo to learn how you can maximise your multi-channel retail business success.

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