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Discover the Power of a TMS to Unlock the Potential of Your Operation With Our Latest Ebook

Discover the Power of a TMS to Unlock the Potential of Your Operation With Our Latest Ebook


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Discover the Power of a TMS to Unlock the Potential of Your Operation With Our Latest Ebook

8 Feb 2024

Aptean Staff Writer
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Ready to tackle the challenges of distribution and logistics?

As your operations expand, re-evaluating your tech stack is essential. Figure out if it’s propelling you to stay on top of the competition, especially in this situation where many companies are taking actions to optimize delivery offerings.

Opting for a transportation management system (TMS) is a viable option to streamline complicated distribution and logistics processes. That’s because robust TMS software is a multimodal solution designed to optimize shipments, enabling you to efficiently plan, rate and manage products or goods shipping across various modes of transportation.

A Beginner’s Route to Selecting the Right TMS Solution is a comprehensive ebook detailing the benefits of implementing robust TMS that can future-proof your business, helping you achieve your long-term goals.

Read on if you’re new to the solution and want to understand better how TMS can streamline your operations and potentially reduce costs.

Discover the Power of TMS—Is It Right for You?

The positive impact of TMS is easy to recognize if you need to optimize complex and high-volume shipping operations. This solution offers seamless one-click shopping across all carriers and mode optimization.

Consider implementing TMS if your business belongs to any of these categories:

  • Ecommerce and retailers

  • Manufacturing and distributors

  • Logistics and freight companies

  • Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Suppose you’re looking for a way to reduce overall shipping costs and increase visibility in all your shipments. In that case, you can leverage TMS functionalities that incorporate workflow automation—saving you valuable time and helping improve customer satisfaction.

Signs You Need TMS

The need for a robust TMS could be evident as you scale up your operations, significantly increasing your shipping and freight audit costs. Below are some of the telltale signs you need a dedicated solution:

  • Difficulty implementing supply chain management best practices

  • Poor visibility across all shipping and logistics

  • Manual retyping of carrier invoices and other billing documents

  • No automated shipping workflows

  • Inaccurate freight calculations

These are just a few high-level challenges your organization may encounter as your operations grow. In the following sections, we’ll explore how robust TMS solution can help level up your business.

“I like the simplicity of the Aptean TMS software It’s created in a very straightforward manner allowing me to create and tender shipments to different pools of carriers.”

Graham Engineering

TMS Benefits: Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Logistics Operations

In addition to the unparalleled visibility into transportation data it provides, this centralized solution enhances transportation strategies, providing efficient multi-mode management, optimized carrier selection, automated rating and zoning calculations, including streamlined warehouse operations.

Moreover, TMS enables you to harness easy-to-use, cutting-edge data analytics tools to drill down into supply chain data, including actionable insights to help you improve operations further. If you have already implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP), you can even unlock more automation features that can transform your business.

Save Money With the Right TMS

You could be overspending on shipping, even when logistics companies charge the correct fees. But when these companies make mistakes in their billing, will you notice and do something about it?

Implementing TMS can be a gamechanger as it has the ability to help you determine when carriers unexpectedly overcharge. From insights gleaned from our latest ebook, you’ll have a better understanding of the reasons you’re overpaying on shipping and freight audit, including how much you can save with the right software.

Make TMS a Part of Your Digital Transformation Journey

Choosing the right TMS could empower your business, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg in having a successful digital transformation journey. Finding a vendor with decades of collective experience in your industry is also essential to help ensure your organization maximizes the solutions specifically designed for your unique operations.

Ideally, a vendor who acts as your partner who can speak your business language can better offer you flexible solutions designed to meet your specific needs so you can easily scale your business as you grow. This is equally crucial, especially if you’re also looking to replace your legacy system or upgrade your ERP software.

Download the ebook, A Beginner’s Route to Selecting the Right TMS Solution, if you’re ready to begin TMS implementation but unsure where to start.

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