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Manufacturing Software

Product development. Compliance. Production planning. Quality. Asset maintenance. Your operation has many plates to spin and external pressures to satisfy.

Thankfully, today's manufacturing software platforms are ready and waiting to solve your biggest challenges, power your digital transformation and fuel future growth.

Optimize End-to-End Processes With Integrated Solutions

Joining puzzle pieces together

Solving the Manufacturing Software Puzzle

Manufacturing software helps you control costs, optimize processes, capitalize on new trends and promote exceptional customer satisfaction—ultimately boosting profitability and accelerating growth.

But, whether it's ERP, OEE, MES or PLM, the alphabet soup of available software systems can be overwhelming. You're likely already using some of these solutions, but figuring out if there are any pieces of the puzzle missing or even if your existing pieces fit together neatly enough is no easy task.

While a puzzle has one resolution, digital transformation in the manufacturing industry has no hard and fast rules. And no one-size-fits-all solutions. However, there are a few principles that can help simplify the process. Think of them like the edge pieces of your jigsaw—guardrails to help you get started.

  1. The right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a great first step for all manufacturers, acting as a foundation for your full software platform.

  2. Industry-specific software will deliver additional benefits now and into the future by providing specialized functionality to conquer your sector's unique challenges.

  3. Choosing cloud-based manufacturing solutions future-proofs your operations by enhancing agility, scalability and security.

  4. Finding the best solutions for your business will be easier if you clearly define your current challenges, gaps and both short- and long-term goals before beginning your search.

With these guiding principles set out clearly as your edge pieces and an experienced partner by your side, you're ready to solve the rest of your manufacturing software puzzle.

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Robust Solutions for Every Stage of Your Operation

To fill in the details of the puzzle let's take a look at the benefits delivered by some of the key manufacturing systems in that alphabet soup.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - Acts as a "single source of truth" to automate and streamline processes from order and inventory management to production planning and quality control—helping you reduce costs, improve productivity and make smarter strategic decisions.

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) - Manages the entire new product development (NPD) process from ideation to launch and beyond—removing department silos, controlling costs and accelerating time to market.

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) - Calculates your OEE score automatically, highlighting inefficiencies and facilitating improvements to help you maximize the use of all your machinery, materials and time.

  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) - Tracks the full lifecycle of each of your assets, allowing your to optimize performance, minimize downtime and cut maintenance costs.

  • Transportation Management System (TMS) - Optimizes distribution by improving efficiency of truck routes, increasing transportation visibility and enhancing final-mile customer service.

In a nutshell, as you build your manufacturing software platform piece by piece, you gain additional benefits—streamlining processes and boosting efficiency until you're maximizing operational excellence end to end.

Are you ready to improve productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line? Chat with our experts today to find out what Aptean's manufacturing systems for discrete and process operations can do for you.

Your Manufacturing Software Vendor Matters as Much as Your Systems

Whether you're a discrete or process manufacturer, your operation is complex and the challenges in your sector are only increasing. To surpass your competition you'll need the combination of advanced software solutions and a fresh-thinking supplier. Be sure to look for:

  • A vendor that understands your manufacturing industry challenges and the intricacies of your specific vertical. In short, they "speak your language" and offer innovative solutions that suit your requirements out of the box.

  • A by-your-side team that can guide you through your digital transformation, offering best practice advice and technical support throughout the entire lifetime of your relationship.

  • A forward-thinking partner that offers cloud software to deliver greater scalability, improved agility and broader accessibility.

  • Experts with a proven reputation. Whether it's customer case studies and testimonials or industry recognition and awards, you'll want a provider with established credibility in your industry.

Manufacturing technology is a significant investment. Without the right software vendor by your side your business could fail to maximize return on investment and end up needing costly customizations or new systems down the road.

So say no to one-size-fits-all. Say no to going it alone. Say no to the status quo. And instead, say yes to a partner that is relentlessly committed to your success.

What to expect from the Aptean service team
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Benefits at Your Fingertips

Improve Data Accuracy and Visibility

Whether it's the "single source of truth" provided by an ERP, the full insight into your NPD process offered by PLM software or the distribution visibility delivered by TMS tools, manufacturing software provides improved data accuracy and availability across your entire organization.

With precise data accessible exactly when you need it, you can break down departmental silos, make smarter operational decisions and improve a range of processes, from inventory management and food traceability to supply chain management and asset maintenance.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

By replacing manual processes and legacy solutions with tailored digital workflows and automation, manufacturing systems enable you to significantly improve efficiency and optimize workforce productivity throughout your operation.

From reducing equipment downtime and line stoppages to limiting waste and cutting truck miles, deploying the right solutions can unlock measurable savings from Day One—helping you combat the rising cost of doing business and boost profitability.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Keeping your customers happy is the key to success, so every system implemented on your digital transformation journey should encompass features or promote processes that increase customer satisfaction.

To that end, PLM systems empower you to react quickly to consumer trends, bringing new products to market more quickly. In addition, ERP quality control and management features ensure that you're reliably delivering the best product, while truck routing and proof of delivery solutions provide clear customer communication throughout the distribution process.

Secure Compliance

The manufacturing industry is awash with laws that your operation must adhere to—from food traceability regulations and cosmetic legislation to sustainability guidelines and mandates on driving hours. And that's not to mention all the retailer requirements and supply chain partner agreements that you must also comply with.

To ease this headache and make both maintaining and proving compliance a simpler task, manufacturing software solutions offer digitized processes, more accurate data collection, specialized workflows and electronic document management (EDM) functionality to store key files.

Boost Employee Fulfillment

Your people are one of your most valuable assets, especially in today's climate of labor shortages, skills gaps and declining engagement. So, attracting new hires, retaining current staff and increasing employee satisfaction is critical.

Sophisticated systems help engage digital natives, and make daily tasks easier for your staff, with many time-consuming or tedious processes now taken care of by the software. Plus, increased mobility and accessibility empower you to offer more flexible working models. Ultimately, your staff are happier and you're able to leverage their talent for higher value tasks—it's a win-win.

Support Continuous Improvement

With reporting and analytics features, business intelligence (BI) applications and scenario modeling functionality, not only do manufacturing software systems offer out-of-the-box benefits, they also enable you to drive continuous improvement.

The systems empower you with full visibility into all of your data and processes in order to identify opportunities for further optimization. And, with all of their tailored features, you'll have the necessary control to quickly enact changes—helping you maximize profitability and drive long-term success.


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Gain full visibility of your transportation operations while reducing costs, improving efficiencies and boosting service with our TMS solutions.
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