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Ready for Supercharged Manufacturing OEE

In any manufacturing business, consistent reliable data is key to making intelligent operational decisions. But, without the right tools, the required visibility and accuracy is often out of reach.

That’s where Aptean OEE comes in.

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Production Efficiency

Why OEE for Manufacturing Organizations Is Critical

How do you know if your production plant is underutilized? How do you identify bottlenecks that are hindering profitability? How do you get visibility of all losses—including short stops and speed loss?

It’s simple: with manufacturing OEE software.

An OEE system automatically collects data from all of your equipment, giving you the real-time visibility and reporting you need to improve availability, performance and quality output.

Ultimately, this empowers you to build a solid cycle of continuous improvement in your process or discrete manufacturing business.

What You Can Achieve with Aptean

Aptean OEE solutions help you stay competitive by:

  • Improving availability, performance, and quality with full OEE monitoring

  • Increasing awareness of production efficiency with real-time visualization

  • Enabling control of factory performance on the go with mobile solutions

  • Optimizing your improvement process with fact-based decisions

  • Securing and improving output and delivery precision

Our solutions are an ideal fit for discrete and process manufacturers and can be deployed seamlessly at single sites or across multi-plant enterprises.

Success With Aptean OEE

Aurora Organic Dairy Saved $200K in 8 Months with Aptean Process Manufacturing OEE

After implementing Aptean’s specialized OEE software, Aurora was able to increase visibility and improve operational processes—resulting in significant cost savings.

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Aptean OEE Solutions

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