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Ready for Optimized Home Delivery Operations

Meeting growing customer expectations for choice and convenience in delivery options is tough. It’s even more challenging to achieve while maintaining efficiency.

Enter Aptean Home Delivery. Improve your omnichannel customer journey while maximizing profitability.

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Balance Choice and Convenience with Cost-Efficient Operations

Balance Customer Service With Efficient Routing

It’s no surprise that many consumers first decide what they want to buy, and then actually shop around for the delivery option that works best for them. So, to be successful, you have to offer a choice of delivery windows that customers will find agreeable, while still maintaining efficient routes that maximize profitability. That’s where Aptean Home Delivery comes in.

Manage Orders from Purchase to Delivery

Aptean Home Delivery is an end-to-end cloud hosted last mile delivery solution designed to enhance your entire order fulfillment process. You can manage and maintain visibility from order capture and scheduling to delivery and post-delivery management—improving the information flow through your organization and ensuring nothing is lost between systems or teams.

Reduce Operational Costs

Our last mile delivery software continuously optimizes routes while orders are taken, maximizing the number of deliveries any single driver is allocated and ensuring that you only offer slots that are cost effective and feasible. This allows you to maximize drops per vehicle, reduce miles driven and cut transportation costs. And ultimately means a healthier bottom line and helps reduce your carbon footprint as well.

Gain a Total View of Your Customer

With a range of features, you can keep track of every customer interaction that occurs during the order lifecycle. The full order history of activities and customer contact is accessible via a single interface, enabling your customer service agents to quickly resolve inquiries and issues. And with all this information at your fingertips, from one system, you have the context and data you need to improve each area of your operation.

Meet and Exceed Delivery Expectations

Whether it’s the fastest or cheapest delivery option—or even one that ensures delivery on a Sunday morning—today’s customers expect a variety of delivery choices. Aptean Home Delivery allows you to offer customers a range of delivery time windows at the point of sale with the confidence that you can cost-effectively meet the delivery promise for whichever one they choose.

Increase Delivery Success, the First Time

With our home delivery software, you can send regular shipment updates to customers automatically via email and SMS—ensuring they always know where their package is and when it’s likely to arrive. This translates to a happier, more informed customer base while reducing the number of inbound calls your customer service team must manage.

End-to-End Benefits With Our Home Delivery Software

Our groundbreaking approach to capacity management, scheduling and route planning reduces operational costs and gives you control to tailor the perfect customer journey for today’s digital consumers. With our leading last mile delivery software, you can:

  • Gain competitive advantage – offer customers more delivery choices, enhanced convenience and a consistent omnichannel experience

  • Keep customers informed – automate email and SMS updates or provide access to a delivery tracking portal

  • Increase first-time delivery success rate – offer feasible delivery slots and provide delivery notifications

  • Reduce fleet costs – by maximizing vehicle utilization and driving fewer miles, you can save big on fuel costs

  • Cut inbound call volume – automated updates give customers the information they need, reducing the number of calls to your service department

  • Refine your returns process – remove manual processing and improve visibility

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Advanced Last Mile Delivery Software Features

Real-Time Routing and Scheduling

Aptean Home Delivery integrates real-time scheduling with your ecommerce and store systems to build and optimize routes as orders are placed. Our intelligent routing engine grades how efficient each delivery slot option is, allowing you to influence the selection that best suits your operation. This shapes the incoming demand to improve efficiency for your fleet or carriers. Your transportation operations are no longer faced with uncertainty and over-commitment, but instead benefit from improved fleet utilization, increased jobs per vehicle, less miles driven, reduced fuel costs and a lower carbon footprint.

Capacity Management

With Aptean Home Delivery, your transportation and management teams can proactively monitor real-time last mile delivery capacity and make adjustments on-the-fly. Our home delivery software can also consider limits associated with typical bottlenecks further upstream (such as manufacturing output or warehouse-picking capability) that may ultimately restrict the dates offered to a customer, regardless of delivery capacity. This ensures smooth operation within your business preventing imbalance between demand and supply.

Fulfillment Channel and Lifecycle Selection

Aptean Home Delivery automates complex decisions about how a job needs to be fulfilled—from what delivery channel is most suitable to which last mile depot, type of vehicle and skills are required. Our solution manages the complexity of having multiple order types that need different lifecycles within your operation. This ensures orders follow the correct processes needed to control costs and meet the service levels promised to your customer.

Customer Order Management and Workflow

Aptean Home Delivery gives you full visibility through a single user interface of order progress and status, with activity history and full order management features such as scheduling, amendments, additions and cancellations. Our workflow system helps you manage day-to-day activities and highlights exceptions in your order flow, allowing you to focus on resolving issues and delivering great customer service.

Customer Self-Service Scheduling

Aptean Home Delivery provides your customers with access to an intelligent scheduling service that is available 24x7. This system allows customers to query the progress of an order themselves and to schedule or change a delivery date—without being bound by customer service hours. Our last mile delivery software manages the workflow around automated notifications to customers with links to the self-service features. And handles situations where there is no response, to ensure that service levels are maintained for those who forget to respond or prefer a more classic approach. The result? A significant reduction in inbound and outbound call volumes for your service centers, with much less variation even during peak periods. And the customer is in control of their delivery knowing that your service can fit around their lifestyle, which has in turn been proven to increase first-time delivery success rates and overall customer satisfaction.

Shipment Tracking

Our home delivery software helps you maintain visibility of your customer orders after they've left control of warehouse systems and start to move through the delivery network for final delivery to the customer. Interfaces support confirmation of dispatch of shipments from your distribution warehouse, and web-based mobile scanning can be implemented at remote depots to support receipt, location and consolidation of goods, cross-docking and loading to last-mile delivery vehicles. Real-time updates allow you to identify late cancellations or change of plans right up to and during scan and load of delivery vehicles which prevents unnecessary movement and handling of goods, saves significant costs in unnecessary trips and prevents possible transit damage. Detailed reporting of shipment locations and movements in last mile depots helps you keep track of orders as they prepare for delivery to customers or are collected from customers for return within the operation.

Automated Customer Notifications

Aptean Home Delivery can be configured as an integral part of your customers’ journey, keeping them engaged with SMS or email updates and prompts when actions are required. Notifications and content can be customized and pushed to your customers when conditions are met, including status changes or key events in the delivery lifecycle. All notifications are logged and viewable, along with any contact notes so that your customer service team can see what journey the customer has had at any point in the delivery process.

Parcel Pack and Delivery

Aptean Home Delivery supports the automatic identification and selection of shipping carrier as a possible fulfillment route. The solution is integrated with a number of carriers and can be integrated with new carriers as required. Our last mile delivery software provides all the features you need to manage the packing of parcels, shipping carrier label printing and data pre-advice to the carrier to support handover and tracking.

Delivery Execution and Proof of Delivery

Aptean Home Delivery is fully integrated with the Aptean Proof of Delivery software, ensuring information is exchanged seamlessly in real-time with the customer services and workflow modules. This provides a consistent customer experience and service level through the day of delivery, at the customer doorstep, and back again.

Reporting and Analytics

By its nature, Aptean Home Delivery is a rich source of data and provides a database that contains information on the entire lifecycle of the order allowing business intelligence reporting on internal performance of the operation as well as key result data that can help to feed into continuous improvement. This empowers you to enhance your operation and drive future growth.

API Integration

Aptean Home Delivery includes a rich and functional web service API that allows you to seamlessly integrate our solution with your systems framework. This can be used anywhere from placing orders and amendments to querying capacities and status progression. As well as integrations with other system components in your operation such as OMS and WMS. Our extensive API allows you to build your own portals if you wish, with access to rich information and the same intelligent real-time routing and scheduling capability. The API also allows integration with third-party contractor systems to promote wider information exchange and unified visibility of fulfillment operations.

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