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Ready for Next Level Route Execution

An optimized route plan quickly unravels if transportation teams edit it to accommodate drivers, or drivers themselves deviate from the expected route. That’s where live management and route execution software comes in.

Aptean’s Live Toolkit delivers the visibility and control you need to master real-time route management and fully realize all the benefits of your route planning software.

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Use Real-World Data to Enhance Route Planning and Boost Live Execution

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Solving the Route Execution and Live Management Challenge

Most transportation planners will recognize the route execution challenge. Your advanced routing and scheduling software delivers an optimized route plan that factors in your business specific variables, reduces truck miles and satisfies all customer expectations.

However, all of that comes unraveled downstream. Maybe the transportation team makes edits to suit the availability of individual drivers, drivers themselves deviate from the expected routes, or customers adjust unloading times on the fly.

That’s why route execution software is so critical. With the right system, there’s no need for the transportation office to make any changes on the day because your plans have already taken into account the necessary real-world data from your operation. And if deviations occur out on the road, the transportation team have the visibility and control they need to proactively deal with those issues—keeping fleet performance on track and customers happy.

By teaming your route planning system with real-time route management software, you’ll ensure your planning and execution teams are in sync, removing silos and helping you achieve optimal benefit throughout each step of your transportation operation.

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How Does the Aptean Live Toolkit Boost Performance on Two Fronts?

Together the various capabilities of our live planning toolkit allow you to improve real-time route management as well as use real-world data collected from your operation to continuously improve your route optimization process.

By integrating with your telematics system, our Route Execution tools collect your live operational data—including the actual hours worked by each driver—and feed this information back into your planning process to increase the accuracy of future routes and ensure that the transportation office doesn’t need to adjust them on the day.

In addition, with the Live Management capabilities of our planning toolkit, everyone in your team is able to quickly view real-time progress against your key performance indicators (KPIs) allowing you to respond to any issues quickly and efficiently. Not only does this ensure your transportation operation is always performing at its best on the day, but it helps you identify opportunities for long term improvement.

Read on to discover how our customers are benefitting and take a deeper dive on the specific capabilities in the Toolkit. Or if you’re ready to start improving your fleet execution, get in touch with our routing experts today.

“With vehicle tracking communicating with Aptean Routing and Scheduling, Paragon Edition through Aptean Route Execution, we can easily recalibrate the system to use actual times spent on making each delivery. Our overall delivery performance and efficiency has increased significantly with this technology.”

Dave ColganTransportation ManagerGlanbia plc

Success With Aptean Live Toolkit

Warburtons Boosts Customer Service and Visibility with Unified Routing System

With 800+ vehicles operating from 24 sites, end-to-end visibility and control is vital for Warburtons, the UK’s largest branded bakery supplier, to meet customer requirements and boost the efficiency of its transportation operation.

Watch the video to find out how the company uses Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition combined with the Aptean Live Toolkit to meet exacting customer demands, improve buy-in from transportation teams and drivers and get real-time visibility into KPIs.

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Dynamically Transform Your Transportation Operation

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Route Execution

Our Route Execution module allows you to integrate vehicle tracking or telematics systems with our route optimization software. With data such as actual drop times, precise locations and exact travel times between locations at their fingertips your transportation team is able to monitor plan-vs-actual performance and proactively make adjustments if issues arise. This helps you keep a tight grip on day-to-day efficiency and costs as well as get ahead of any potential customer services issues.

To add further value, all of that real-world data—including driver holidays, absences and actual hours worked—is fed back into your route planning. This ensures all data is centralized, removes silos and increases the accuracy of your plans. Not only does this mean changes are less likely once the plan reaches your transportation team, it also fuels a cycle of continuous improvement with historical data helping to refine future route optimization.

Route mapping coordinator on headset

Live Management

The Live Management module of our live planning toolkit allows your teams to access your routing and scheduling data quickly, easily and in a format that suits their needs. For example, web-enabled arrivals data can be viewed in real-time on smartphones, tablets or back of store monitors and dashboards can display live performance data against plan.

Whether you’re tracking progress in real time, analyzing KPIs or sharing reports across your organization—Live Management puts the data you need at your fingertips, exactly when you need it. This enables you to:

  • Reduce vehicle turnaround times

  • Improve efficiency at customer sites by providing up to date ETAs

  • Proactively manage issues that arise throughout the day

Truck driver in cab with tablet in hands

Waypoint Mapping

Our live planning toolkit helps guarantee you’re getting the most possible benefit from your route optimization software from end to end. One way to secure this is by ensuring your drivers follow the optimized route when they get out onto the road. Enter Waypoint Mapping.

This module feeds your optimized route into the driver’s Sat Nav device, guiding them turn by turn through every decision waypoint and providing them with full visibility of the planned route. In addition, your transportation teams are able to review what happened out on the road, empowering them to have more meaningful debriefs with drivers once they return to the depot. This way discrepancies between the plan and actual route can be reduced and data from drivers about deviations can be factored into future planning efforts.

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Dynamic Tripping

Transportation operations are complex, with the smallest delays having potentially significant knock-on effects. This is especially true in multi-trip environments, where a delay or issue in the first trip, or turnaround, can cause missed delivery windows, disgruntled customers and expensive resources sitting idle.

Our Dynamic Tripping module allows your multi-trip operation to implement a more agile approach, empowering planners to automatically re-allocate loads if the need arises to maximize truck and trailer utilization, improve the planning of both deliveries and collection and ensure the efficiency of backloads. With transportation costs continuing to rise, ensuring you’re getting the most from every asset is pivotal.

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