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5 Logistics Trends That Will Drive Fleet Performance and Profit in 2023


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5 Logistics Trends That Will Drive Fleet Performance and Profit in 2023

30 Jan 2023

Aptean Staff Writer
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The world of logistics is ever evolving, and it can be difficult to keep up with rapidly changing trends. But an understanding of market conditions is essential to manage complex operations efficiently.

To help you run a profitable operation in 2023, Aptean has created a whitepaper sharing key logistics industry trends that will influence the future of fleet management.

Keep reading to preview five tactics for driving fleet performance this year, based on these industry trends, or download Aptean’s logistics insight report now.

Trend 1: Prioritisation of Digital Transformation

“Transform or risk failure” is the message from distribution leaders.

76% of freight and logistics executives say businesses without digital capabilities are endangered. Industry front-runners are already using technologies such as routing and scheduling software to make well-informed decisions. Digital laggards can’t easily deliver the same efficiencies.

2023 will be a year of digital transformation for the logistics sector—but it must be systematic. 72% of companies don’t currently have a roadmap for their distribution operation.

Tactical tip: to drive success this year, your business needs a clear digital transformation strategy for distribution and logistics. To explore this subject further, read our blog post: Distribution Software: It's Time to Invest in Digital Transformation.

Trend 2: Investment in Tools To Increase Fleet and Route Efficiency

Running a commercial or private fleet has become expensive. Prices have increased everywhere—from fuel and replacement parts to technician services. The challenge in 2023 is mitigating these costs through greater efficiency.

This year, more companies will be financially optimising their logistics operation. Rather than writing off distribution as an unavoidable cost centre, they will be automating and refining processes using cutting-edge software to increase their efficiency and profitability.

Tactical tip: onboarding routing and scheduling optimisation technology can have a massive impact on your route planning efficiency, improving your bottom line. Use our fleet savings calculator to see how much your company could save through smarter route planning.

Trend 3: Sustainability Through Efficiency

The logistics sector has some serious environmental impact work to do. Transportation accounts for 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and could become the highest emitting energy sector by 2050.

Distribution leaders are already looking at ways to increase sustainability. 90% of fleet managers believe electric vehicles are the future of commercial logistics, while companies are experimenting with initiatives like green delivery services to lower their carbon footprint.

Efficiency, profitability and sustainability should move hand-in-hand in 2023. The challenge is deciding which green initiatives to implement and measuring their impact. Download our fleet management trends report for more examples of sustainable transport projects that your company can explore.

Tactical tip: incorporate sustainable initiatives into your digital transformation strategy to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time as optimising speed and consistency of service.

Trend 4: Recruiting New Drivers With a Tech-Led Offering

There’s no escaping the huge deficit in qualified truck drivers, or the impact this deficit is having on distribution capabilities. The Road Haulage Association reports a shortage of 70,000-100,000 drivers in the UK alone.

The challenge for distribution companies in 2023 is attracting new talent while retaining your existing workforce. Many experienced drivers will reach retirement age this year, and emerging talent has a different set of priorities. They’ll also require intense training to start building up their industry knowledge.

Tactical tip: recruitment can’t exist in a bubble. Your digital transformation strategy will greatly influence who wants to join your organisation and how quickly they can add value. You may find our guide to attracting young drivers helpful for bringing in new talent.

Trend 5: Using Automation To Improve the End Customer Experience

Last mile delivery is a balancing act for distribution companies. Customers crave convenience and speed, but your logistics operation still needs to run profitably.

In 2023, fleet operators will explore new ways to automate communications and drive internal efficiencies to meet customers’ delivery expectations. For example, giving customers the ability to see where their delivery is at any stage in the journey.

Your drivers are both the gateway to customer feedback and the final opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Consider what tool your drivers may need to improve customer experience as part of your 2023 digital transformation strategy.

Tactical tip: introducing electronic proof of delivery software will allow your customers to track their order in real time via a driver’s GPS data. This information can be used to provide accurate ETAs and delivery update notifications, increasing their satisfaction.

Build Your Digital Transformation Toolkit With Aptean

The more informed you are on industry trends and influences, the easier it will be for your business to adapt to market conditions in 2023.

We’ve shared some core tactics for driving performance this year, but which technologies will you need to increase your agility and profitability in a complex environment?

Aptean’s Future of Fleet Management report is packed with further information on how to respond to 2023’s distribution and logistics trends. We’ll help you to build a digital toolkit that allows your company to:

  • Plan optimised, cost-effective routes

  • Make faster decisions based on real-time, real-world conditions

  • Build stronger team communications and enhance customer service

  • Prolong vehicle lifespan to control maintenance costs

  • Lower your climate footprint to meet sustainability targets

  • Reduce costs by up to 30%

Download your free 2023 logistics trends report today for a deeper dive into fleet management trends.

Or if you’re ready to drive performance and profit through digital transformation, head straight to our product page to learn more about Aptean Routing & Scheduling software and request a product demo.

Future of Fleet Management

Transport industry leaders will invest in technologies that enable effective decisions. These companies will use data to make the best of every situation: maximising efficiencies, reducing risk and exceeding customer expectations.