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Martin Brower Keeps the Burgers Rolling in the USA with Aptean Routing & Scheduling

Martin Brower Keeps the Burgers Rolling in the USA with Aptean Routing & Scheduling


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Martin Brower Keeps the Burgers Rolling in the USA with Aptean Routing & Scheduling

23 Nov 2021

The Martin-Brower Company, L.L.C. (“Martin Brower”) is a dedicated distributor for the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. It supplies individual restaurants with frozen and dry goods, packaging, cleaning products and ancillaries using its 570-strong truck fleet. The company prides itself on empowering its operations with the latest tools and technology to help deliver the best possible experience for its people and the businesses they serve.

The Challenge

Building on its success in UK and European QSR distribution, Martin Brower wanted to help deliver the same benefits to the state-side home of the hamburger. But with a fleet size of nearly 600 trucks, making daily multi-frequency deliveries to over 6,000 customers from 23 different distribution centers – Martin Brower needed a more advanced route planning system that would streamline operational efficiencies.

The Solution

With a clear strategic vision, Martin Brower set out to find a partner who could demonstrate strength and flexibility in meeting its requirements and provide the enhancement, training and support needed along the way. The automated planning system the company invested in also needed to be able to:

  • Handle multi-frequency deliveries

  • Maximize use of the existing truck and trailer fleet

  • Improve warehouse utilization and efficiencies

  • Allocate store volumes across schedules to ensure orders are planned accordingly

  • Model new routes as new sites and locations are added

The Result

Following a thorough research process, Aptean’s route optimization software was selected. It provides Martin Brower with a range of important features the company needs, and several additional key features including dispatch smoothing, arrival time banding, delivery frequency planner as well as extensive reporting capabilities to allow complete visibility across the operation. Since implementing our purpose-built routing and scheduling software, Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition, Martin Brower has seen significant benefits, including:

  • 6% reduction in mileage – eliminating over 5,000 miles a week

  • Reduced over 900K lbs. of CO2 out of carbon footprint

  • Significantly lowered operational costs

  • Increased weekly delivery capacity without adding additional mileage

  • Maximized delivery routes without the need to invest in new tractors and trailers

Watch the video to learn more of the digital transformation success journey.

“I have worked with many vendors in my 20-year career in food distribution and Aptean has been one of the most supportive companies I have ever worked with. The company has always been quick to understand our needs for enhancements and our requests for training and support. We believe that what we have achieved would not have been possible without the aid of Aptean Routing & Scheduling Paragon Edition software.”

Chuck GansDirector, Operations SupportMartin Brower

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