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Aptean PLM, Lascom Edition for Cosmetics and Personal Care

Aptean PLM, Lascom Edition for Cosmetics and Personal Care


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Aptean PLM, Lascom Edition for Cosmetics and Personal Care

19 Dec 2022


Developing new products is challenging. For your consumer packaged goods business to succeed, you must deliver innovative products that satisfy the evolving needs of your customers and minimise time to market all while maintaining high-quality standards and compliance.

Aptean PLM Lascom Edition is a product lifecycle management solution that centralises and integrates your data and documents. Its modern, web-based interface provides easy remote accessibility, including mobile devices.

With Aptean PLM Lascom Edition you can: formulate products faster; easily manage product specifications, documents and tasks; collaborate for your new product development workflow even with external stakeholders; streamline your packaging development processes; create labels adhering to various regional formats with multi-language support to help you remain compliant; and relieve staff of complex or time-consuming tasks like ingredient labeling, allergen identification and artwork proofing.

Tackle your cosmetics industry challenges with the ability to: improve data accuracy by automatically generating the quali-quanti formula, INCI list, allergens and traces from the bulk formula; automate document procurement required for the product information file; ensure compliance with automated alerts and meet country-specific regulations; and verify the formula for each and every product iteration and modification. Improve time-to-market, boost innovation and enhance collaboration with Aptean PLM Lascom Edition.

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