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Driving Efficiency for Your Food Distribution Business

Driving Efficiency for Your Food Distribution Business


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Driving Efficiency for Your Food Distribution Business

21 Mar 2022


Does this scenario at a food distribution company sound familiar? You're a hardworking dispatch manager for a growing food distribution company. You love your job. But lately you've been really stressed out trying to manage your team's route with an outdated product that doesn't account for the fleet's constraints. Or maybe you're the firm's CFO.

You need to know how profitable the fleet is and find ways to be more efficient. Right now, creating reports takes days to complete and even then you're not sure that the data is current. No matter what your role, you need accurate information on the fleet's performance.

Aptean Routing and Scheduling can help. With Aptean, it's easy to create optimised routes that take your available fleet and resources into consideration. Aptean Routing and Scheduling was created with food distributors in mind. Features like variable compartment configurations control different product temperatures within a trailer.

Automated communications make sure your customers have complete transparency and visibility of their delivery from dispatch to arrival. Hybrid routing allows you to create automatic routing for static routes, late, emergency and off-day deliveries.

Dispatch managers quickly get achievable, optimised routes that account for any fleet, customer or driver limitations. CFOs can generate reports in minutes that will give in-depth, granular snapshots of things like transport costs as a percentage of revenue or cost-per-case delivered. Your routing software combined with in-cab telematics or electronic proof-of delivery, links your route plan directly to the drivers and vehicles.

Then, daily performance reviews get updated with accurate execution information which allows you to analyse and continuously improve your operational efficiencies. You get optimal routes, reduced costs and happier customers. Imagine your fleet more profitable and more efficient. Make it real with Aptean. Aptean Routing and Scheduling, driving efficiency at every turn.

Conquer your food logistics and distribution challenges with Aptean Routing & Scheduling. To learn more request a quote or personalised demo.

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