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Aptean Distribution ERP - Import Management

Aptean Distribution ERP - Import Management


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Aptean Distribution ERP - Import Management

9 Ene 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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Vessel, Shipment and Container Tracking

Importing products from overseas suppliers can be complex. But best-in-class ERP software for consumer goods can help you achieve perfect order fulfillment to get your customers the right products, price, and quantity, at the right time. Aptean Distribution ERP helps you monitor, manage and track your shipments on land and at sea, so you can stay abreast of the status of your inventory even before it reaches your warehouse. Aptean Distribution ERP contains vessel, shipment and container tracking tools to help consumer goods companies gain the visibility they need into import tracking.

Leverage flexible shipment and container building by weight, volume, or value for increased control. And Aptean Distribution ERP makes it easy to consolidate, track, and manage multiple purchase orders and shipments for fewer container loads and vessels—saving you time and money. Consumer goods companies gain even more efficiencies through electronic container updates, and receiving by container functionality.

Aptean Distribution ERP enables you to capture, track, and attach documentation on additional charges, credits, notes, and associated files, for each of your shipments. Container tracking enables you to display and update demurrage and detention. And costs automatically cascade across the application to give you visibility into your actual landed costs. With Aptean Distribution ERP, you get full visibility into importing for a more streamlined and efficient import management process.

Landed Costs

Determining the landed costs on your products is a critical step in understanding your true profitability. For consumer goods companies, landed costs can account for a considerable amount of your product investment. Aptean Distribution ERP makes it easier for you to gain visibility into your true landed costs, so you can accurately gauge profitability on each of your products.

Allocate agency fees, shipping expenses, customs fees, duties by harmonization codes, taxes, insurance, and other hidden fees by product, unit, volume, supplier, or location. Understanding your costs at the detail level can help you improve purchasing and pricing decisions. And full insight into all your costs can help you make better enterprise-wide decisions for improved profitability.

Documenting and understanding your product acquisition costs is a best practice for best-in-class consumer goods companies. Full integration within Aptean Distribution ERP can help you quickly establish landed costs at the detail level for improved financial accuracy and consistency for your finance team, and your entire enterprise.

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