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Aptean Distribution ERP - Route Management

Aptean Distribution ERP - Route Management


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Aptean Distribution ERP - Route Management

18 Mar 2020

Aptean Staff Writer
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Optimizing your fleet operations is a great way to reduce costs. With fluctuating gas prices and demanding customers, it's important to ensure that your drivers and route management processes are as efficient as possible. With Aptean Distribution ERP, you get the in-depth tools you need to successfully navigate all your route management tasks.

Aptean Distribution ERP route management is comprised of routes (truck routes), waves (a group of routes) and stops (stops along the route). Your team can choose from fixed or variable routes. Fixed route tools enable you to define workflows for specific days of the week, or define tasks based on your own business rules or customer criteria. Variable route tools provide maximum flexibility, enabling you to build stops based on daily order demands, rather than fixed criteria.

Our route management tools help you manage picking, packing, reverse-order loading, and fuel-efficient delivery of products to all your customers. These tools also help you track all pick demands for customers with routes or stops for a given date, and also provides a total number of stops for the selected route based on the date provided. And since route management is integrated directly into Aptean Distribution ERP, information automatically flows throughout the application—for pick demand creation and other tasks—to maximize enterprise visibility and efficiency.

Need instant access to the best shipping rates? Our Aptean Distribution ERP Shipment Manager allows you to shop for the best shipping rate and quickest delivery time with a single click. Get rate and delivery time comparisons for several shippers instantly. The Aptean Distribution ERP Shipment Manager solution also provides tracking numbers and the ability to print shipping labels – all without ever leaving Aptean Distribution ERP.

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic routing requirements are on the rise from a growing number of mass merchant retailers. While these compliance requirements help retailers reduce replenishment times and save on transportation costs, they also result in increased complexity for consumer goods companies. Aptean Distribution ERP is built to help you simplify dynamic routing compliance through sophisticated tools and best practices that help you attain perfect order execution, while avoiding chargebacks.

Whether your trading partners require 850, 753 and 754 EDI transactions, or portal-based processes, Aptean Distribution ERP can help. Our focus on consumer goods means we have the expertise to handle current and emerging compliance issues. And our electronic data interchange protocols are proven to automate and standardize your processes to ensure your shipments are accurate and on time.

Our compliance tools are integrated into Aptean Distribution ERP. So you get real-time updates and system-wide visibility to help you stay on top of changing conditions. Aptean Distribution ERP can also help you maximize workflow automation, collaboration across your business, and enterprise visibility. So you can speed product flow from your factories to the warehouse and onto retailer shelves.

Bills of Lading and Packing Slips

Bills of lading (BOLs) play an important role in the shipping process. BOLs traditionally present the type and quantity of goods being carried, the intended destination, and confirmation of receipt. More recently, BOLs have also served to schedule and record shipments, and provide data for EDI transactions. Consumer goods companies count on Aptean Distribution ERP to help streamline the bill of lading process.

With Aptean Distribution ERP, your company can improve shipment tracking and management with our VICS compliant bill of lading and packing slip tools. Our ERP software enables you to build efficient truckloads based on the dimensional requirements of products through our planned BOLs. And we make it easy to manage bills of lading, including BOL processing, completion, modification and more.

Aptean Distribution ERP enables you to filter BOLs by customer, purchase order number, order number, BOL closed dates and BOL number. Detailed reports that include BOL number, customer name and code, product code, unit price, order quantity and more, can easily be viewed and printed. And user-friendly modification tools help you move BOLs from a master bill of lading to an existing or new bill of lading.

Want to find out how Aptean Distribution ERP can help your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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