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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE - Analyze

Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE - Analyze


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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE - Analyze

4 Abr 2019

Aptean Staff Writer


  • The Powerful Tool for Your Decision Making
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Aptean OEE Analyze is an easy-to-use interactive reporting tool for fast and clear visualization and analysis of the collected production data from your OEE.

Makes Your Detective Work Easier

  • Clear graphical presentation of production data

  • Interactive analysis of individual machines or the entire factory

  • Quick overviews and access to details for large amounts of data

  • User friendly – very easy to get started

  • Clickable reports

  • Save or print specific searches

  • Easy export to Excel

  • Save data views with bookmarks

The Toolset for Your Analysis

Aptean OEE Analyze has an intuitive graphical user interface. It´s easy to summarize and drill down to interesting information by just clicking in the tables or graphs. Go from company group or factory level down to individual machines, product or orders and back, in no time.

The powerful set of analysis tools are grouped in focus areas for the user’s convenience. The following examples are frequently used by our customers to in order to take better decisions.

OEE Overview

Get graphical representation and table presentation of the OEE value, availability, efficiency and quality.

  • Department

  • Production place

Availability Analysis

Direct and easy access to availability figures for:

  • Single machines

  • Groups

  • Teams

  • Shifts

Downtime Analysis

  • Break down the downtime by types

  • Easy to see where the largest problems are

  • Focus on one or a few types and drill down

  • Isolate faults, machines, shifts etc.

  • Get access to notes and suggested improvements

  • See the trends

Product and Order Analysis

  • Follow up OEE value on product and order level

  • Change-over matrix is a powerful tool for planning

Quality Analysis

  • Focus on quality loss

  • Follow up scrapings and scrapping types

  • See scrapping costs

  • Drill down to find potential cost savings

  • Access to suggested improvements connected to scrapping

Speed Analysis

  • Produced quantity over time

  • Speed and operational efficiency

  • Planned production compared to actual production over time

Machine Report

  • Overview of OEE

  • Downtime per type of disturbance

  • Availability data and order data per:

    • Plant

    • Department

    • Group

    • Machine

    • Team

    • Shift

Loss Cost Analysis

See the costs for disturbances per:

  • Loss type

  • Stop cause

  • Machine

  • Production Place

  • Product

Maintenance Analysis

  • For maintenance department

  • Focus on machine related disturbances

  • See KPI in focus for maintenance:

    • MTBF

    • MTTR

    • MPABF

Current information Without Detours

Aptean OEE Analyze Is Quick and Very Easy To Use. Work Intuitively With Your Information.

With Aptean OEE Analyze you don´t need to know exactly what, or how many questions you want to ask, to begin analyzing your information. The possibilities are endless, you can add filters to only show information about the night shift, a certain order, a department in the factory or the stops you are interested in. Why not combine the search with several different parameters by clicking directly in the graphs? The charts presented are clickable and if you want to drill down further, just click on an area in the graph and Aptean OEE Analyze will rework all graphs to visualize your search. All searches are run from computer memory, which means that all graphs and tables are updated quickly in real time.

Interactive Analysis

What used to take several separate reports to analyze now only takes a few mouse clicks, the procedure is simple, click your way through the different graphs until you are satisfied. Use Aptean OEE Analyze to spot trends – for example, if you see the availability on a machine varies greatly during a month between the morning shift and afternoon shift, you can analyze this further and find out the underlying cause. For example, it could be because the afternoon shift often has material shortages, which in this case is a downtime type that has a great potential for improvement.

Ready for a powerful tool for visualization and analysis of production data? Learn more about how our production monitoring solution, Aptean Industrial Manufacturing OEE, can help your business. Contact us today to chat with one of our experts or schedule a demo.

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