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How an ePOD System Supercharges Your Strategic Analysis and Continuous Improvement

How an ePOD System Supercharges Your Strategic Analysis and Continuous Improvement


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How an ePOD System Supercharges Your Strategic Analysis and Continuous Improvement

26 May 2021

Gareth Evans
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If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. This is one of the intractable truths of delivery performance. And if you’re looking for continuous improvement, guess what? You’ll need to measure continuously, too.

An electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) system is an essential tool for doing just that.

Whether you are delivering goods or providing on-site services, implementing electronic proof of delivery software can really boost your ability to increase on-time deliveries, improve customer service and reduce costs, along with a host of other improvements. That’s because it provides a level of reporting detail that empowers in-depth analysis. That, in turn, leads to measures aimed at improving operational performance. Even better, it can then help you easily check whether those measures are actually working. Continuously.

The Driver Makes the Delivery, Not the Vehicle

An ePOD system can capture information using only a handheld device that goes with the driver, even when he or she has left the vehicle. You’re not only capturing data about the vehicle—things like delivery time, departure from planned route and time spent making a delivery—but also what happens when the driver gets out to complete the delivery.

A robust ePOD system also allows you to track information far beyond baseline details. You can also get your drivers to capture detailed and critical information, like photos of exact drop-off locations, damage reports, on-site customer satisfaction surveys and other customizable forms that prompt them to capture additional information in particular situations. Because these are gathered electronically, you have access to that data immediately. You can begin analyzing and planning improvements right away.

One of the most significant advantages of an ePOD system is in the name—it’s electronic. Paper forms do not provide the ability to capture details such as photos or GPS data and can be time-consuming to fill out. They also don’t get filed until the driver returns to base. All this can lead to incorrect, delayed or lost data input. With electronic proof of delivery systems, your drivers can quickly capture a variety of detailed information. Having immediate access to this comprehensive data set offers you operational insights that can be used to improve service while cutting costs through improved efficiency.

Bigger Fleet, Even Bigger Benefits

These advantages are particularly valuable when it comes to organizations with large fleets or multiple mobile teams, where operations are exponentially more complex and therefore harder to improve. An ePOD system automates and centralizes the instant transfer of crucial data, no matter how many mobile devices you have out with your delivery personnel. Then it allows you to analyze that data any which way you choose. This increases the productivity of mobile teams and allows office-based staff to manage issues in the field proactively. It also gives you a massive data set to play with and look for opportunities for improvements.

Because ePOD functionality allows your customers to stay updated on ETAs via track my driver delivery tracking functionality and automated SMS delivery notifications, you’ll trim down the data you don’t need to analyze. These features greatly reduce the amount of incoming WISMO (where is my order) queries. Often, transportation and customer service departments are so embroiled in handling a constant barrage of inbound queries that they are unable to focus on analyzing or acting on other types of data. Removing that burden could strengthen business and operational efficiency.

How ePOD Software Ensures Operational Improvement

Once you’ve identified areas of opportunity, you can easily implement changes within the ePOD system to quickly realize the identified improvements.

Aptean’s Proof of Delivery forms functionality empowers you to amend delivery processes without incurring extra costs, requests for change to IT, or delays. Forms are entirely configurable by you and can be amended to suit your specific business requirements. Once confirmed, the changes can be shared with your drivers the next time they are allocated a manifest.

Even better, you’ll immediately get a flow of data that shows whether the changes you’ve made are leading to the improvements you’d like to see.

Aptean’s electronic proof of delivery system connects the browser on your desktop, laptop or tablet to the user-friendly mobile applications on devices carried by your delivery personnel for real-time visibility into operations. Its central management console also provides useful dashboards and filters for at-a-glance review of delivery performance, whether across a geographical area or focused on a single customer. The ability to view and analyze all ePOD data according to your areas of interest means you can quickly identify patterns and opportunities. Then you can get cracking on making things better. Our ePOD system makes it easy.

Ready to explore how Aptean’s electronic proof of delivery system can empower you to make continuous improvements to your delivery operations? Find out how, now.

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