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Aptean Launches New, First-to-Market Antibody Search Solution to Support Biologics Research and Development

Aptean Launches New, First-to-Market Antibody Search Solution to Support Biologics Research and Development


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Aptean Launches New, First-to-Market Antibody Search Solution to Support Biologics Research and Development

26 Oct 2020

Unique Functionality Now Available within Aptean GenomeQuest, the World’s Leading Intellectual Property Sequence Database

ALPHARETTA, GA, October 26, 2020 – Today, Aptean, a global provider of mission-critical enterprise software solutions, announced the release of a new solution designed to help companies drastically improve their efficiency in important biologics research and development (R&D). This new tool, the GenomeQuest Antibody Module, is offered through Aptean GenomeQuest, the world’s leading intellectual property (IP) sequence database that combines a comprehensive patent landscape view with the most powerful search, analysis and reporting tools available.

Biologics have landed at the forefront of medical advances in recent years, with antibodies, in particular, being used in increasingly diverse applications, from vaccines to drugs for treating cancer, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune and common diseases. According to a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the global market for biologics is currently estimated at $292.2 billion and is projected to reach $505.6 billion by 2027—growing at a CAGR of 8.1% over seven years. The antibody treatment trend is unlikely to slow as scientists continue to explore new applications and learn to produce them at scale.

“With the growing focus on antibodies in medicine, it’s critical that companies developing these therapies protect their IP and R&D investments. However, searching for antibody sequences in the intellectual property landscape is notoriously difficult,” said Martin Wagstaff, Aptean’s group vice president of finance and life sciences products. “Searchers typically must perform up to eight separate searches, then spend days painstakingly combining the results to discover potential sequencing alignments. In addition to being deeply inefficient, this makes it challenging to confidently answer critical questions about antibody IP.”

Aptean’s unique GenomeQuest Antibody Module dramatically streamlines the process of antibody sequence search and increases productivity through its user-friendly search interface. Upon query completion, results are displayed in an interactive summary report featuring diagrams that enable users to drill down to patent documents and alignments with extreme ease and accessibility. This new solution provides clear and comprehensive answers to many critical IP questions, delivering more assurance to biologics and large molecule antibody treatment researchers that nothing has been overlooked.

Wagstaff continued, “Our leading IP sequence search database, GenomeQuest, is built upon high-performing proprietary technology, allowing Aptean to add innovations such as streamlined antibody and variation searching into the application. We are proud to be the first company offering this capability to the market and helping our customers protect their valuable investments.”

Visit online learn more about the now available Aptean GenomeQuest Antibody Module.

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